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Color Him Father, Color Him Love - OLTL Recap for Wednesday, February 25th, 200

OLTL Episode Recap


In the LaBoulaie kitchen, Mo stops Langston from leaving. He’s on strict orders by Dori to keep Langston protected as long as Montez is in the area. The teen becomes quickly annoyed when Starr enters the kitchen. The chef forces the teens to work out their differences and the girls end up hugging and making up.

Over at the Buchanan estate, Cole declines on breakfast. In the parlor Clint and David fight over The Intruder. Bo listens as they argue about the DNA testing. Vickers insists he never bedded Roxy. Out in the hallway, Cole is discouraged when Nora tells the lad his Mom refuses to see anyone. David walks by making a smart comment about Marty “slicing and dicing.” After Cole departs, the DA reprimands Vickers for being so cruel.

Meanwhile at Angel Square, as Roxy peruses The Intruder, Dorian bursts in and threatens the bleached blond to stay away from Vickers! Balsom is all ears as Lord spouts off about David being Asa’s heir, Rex being David’s son and the DNA tests! Dorian warns the blonde damsel “to keep her thong on!” After Lord storms out, Roxy chats to Morris about the news that David is Rex’s daddy.

At the cottage, Rex tosses and turns from his nightmare. David and Dori are leaning over his crib. Stacy, clad in a scanty top and black panties intently watches from the doorway. Downstairs, Gigi opens the door to Oliver Fish holding a bouquet. She is perplexed as the cop tells the brunette how her sister and he hit it off after the ball. Upstairs, Stacy enters the bedroom and shuts the door. As Dorian gets ready cut off Rex’s dirty diaper, Balsom bolts up! Stacy is sitting there on the bed and places her hand against his pounding chest right as Gigi walks in! Marasco orders her sister to put some pants on and go see her guest downstairs. The former stripper prances across the room and grabs a pair of red sweats on the chair. After Rex relates his nightmare to Gigi, she suggests he go see Roxy and confront her about the DNA results. Downstairs, Stacy politely declines the flowers. Rex runs by and leaves while Gigi hides on the staircase and eavesdrops on her sister’s conversation. Oliver talks of their passionate lovemaking in the cottage and tells Stacy he’s broken off with his girlfriend. Gigi is appalled as she hears her sister tell Fish “it was just sex.” After, the dejected cop leaves, Gigi confronts the blonde about having sex in her living room! Shane could have walked in! The former stripper claims she doesn’t have time to have a relationship since she wants to get to know her sister, nephew and Rex better. The brunette looks concerned.

Across town at the diner, Markko tells Noelle how Langston found out about UCLA. The waitress moves on to the next table which is Layla and tells her customer she noticed how smitten Officer Fish was with her at the ball. Layla is disgusted because she was too busy to stay with him and he instead left with another girl. Cole joins Markko and the teens catch up on what’s been going on in their lives.

Back at the Buchanan mansion, Nigel announces the arrival of Mr. Lewis from the DNA Department at Llanview PD. While Clint worries that the expert may have compromised the investigation, Bo assures his brother that he’s Llanview PD’s best. While Mr. Lewis announces that Rex is NOT David’s son, Roxy is over at Angel Square telling Rex he is! The expert explains that there was a computer error knocking the system out of whack. Bo quickly calls Rex who in turn is furious that his mother once again lied to him about his parentage! Back in the parlor, the Buchanan clan is shocked when the expert announces that the DNA test is conclusive that Vickers is a Buchanan. David points to the CB on his smoking jacket and asks his brother where he can get the monogram changed. Dorian giggles in delight. Mr. Lewis isn’t finished. “David is not Asa’s son.” Clint, Nora and Bo delightfully smile. “Bo is,” Lewis continues. A shocked commish and Vickers exchange looks.

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