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Cookie Delancy - OLTL Recap for Friday, February 13, 2009

OLTL Episode Recap


Cookie Delancy - OLTL Recap for Friday, February 13, 2009

Michael and Marcie McBain

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2009
Marcie is actually having a good time, until Mike introduces her to a friend of his, who’s wife’s name happens to be Hope. Marcie is obviously distraught and Mike takes her home, where they reconnect after Mike gives Marcie a Valentine’s Day gift of a necklace with Hope’s birthstone. Stacy is revealed to be Gigi’s sister, she also admits that she “borrowed” Gigi’s dress and ticket in hopes of running into her at the Ball. Rex, Gigi and Stacy go somewhere private to talk. Rex figures out that Stacy was the stripper they saw in the poster, using the name Gigi. Stacy admits that she was an exotic dancer. Gigi and Stacy catch up, Stacy makes a comment about Gigi leaving when she was young. Gigi corrects Stacy, saying that her father threw her out. Gigi goes on to explain that she went back to her old house to find her mom, dad and Stacy gone. Stacy breaks the news to Gigi that both their mother and father have died.

Wes, Marty, Todd, Tea, John and Blair all enter the Ball. Todd heads straight for the bar while Tea stops to chat with Talia, who still believes that Tea is covering for Todd. Tea explains that she killed Janet in self defense, Talia knows that the evidence will disprove Tea’s confession. Blair joins Todd at the bar for a drink, each think the other is jealous – Todd thinks Blair is jealous of his relationship with Tea, and Blair thinks Todd is jealous of both her relationship with John and Marty’s relationship with Wes. Tea sees Vanessa and Cris, she tries to make small talk with Vanessa but Vanessa pulls Cris away to dance. Vanessa tells Cris that she doesn’t trust Tea at all. Tea runs into John and asks him to dance, hoping to get within earshot of Vanessa. John can see what Tea is doing, Tea admits that Vanessa is connected with one of her clients and wants to find out some information. John reverts the conversation to Janet’s death, Tea wonders if John thinks Todd did it. John explains that he doesn’t think neither Tea nor Todd did it, he’s got someone else in mind.

Marty is heavily drinking, Wes tries to stop her which only entices Marty to drink more. Blair sees Tea dancing with John, she can’t believe that Tea got her hooks into John. Todd just laughs it off as he explains to Blair that he’s not “with” Tea. Blair takes another drink, Todd says that he’s got a way to make John jealous as he kisses Blair. John is too preoccupied with Marty interrupts his dance with Tea. Wes wants to take Marty home, but Marty wants to stay. John lunges at Wes, Wes backs up into Todd. Todd hurls Wes around and slugs him in the face. Marty blames Tea for the disruption, Tea slaps Marty across the face as the mayhem ensues.

Meanwhile, Clint, Bo, Nora, Natalie, Jared, Viki, Charlie, Dorian, David and Beaver go to a conference room where they watch the DVD of Asa’s codicil to the will. David is trying to take everything in, despite everyone else’s opinions. Natalie speaks up, thinking David should do the right thing and return the Buchanan estate back to the Buchanan’s. Dorian suggests that they all leave David alone to think on it. Viki knows that Dorian knew of David’s paternity and tries to bring up the subject, however she is interrupted by David who wants to speak to Dorian alone. The Buchanan’s, Charlie and Beaver exit the conference room. Viki is upset with Clint for not telling her about David’s paternity, Clint explains that he doesn’t have time to explain his actions as he calls his bevy of lawyers to protect the company at all costs. Later, all the Buchanan’s gather around the bar and do a shot, honoring Asa.

Meanwhile, David becomes wiser to Dorian’s schemes and asks her if she really intended on following the “path to enlightenment” or if she was just using him to regain control of BE. Dorian admits that she used David, she is also trying to convince David that he needs her more now than ever. David tells Dorian that he’s made a decision about the estate. . .

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