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Téa and Symphony - OLTL Recap for Friday, January 9, 2009

OLTL Episode Recap


Téa and Symphony - OLTL Recap for Friday, January 9, 2009


Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2009
John finds Marty is Wes’ apartment and thinks he has to save the day to bring Marty home, also thinking that Wes was taking advantage of Marty. Marty explains that she’s there on her own according, feeling that Wes s the only person who isn’t pressuring her to remember anything or telling her what to do. John explains that he was just trying to help, Marty doesn’t want his help anymore. Wes tries to stay out of it but comes to Marty’s side when John tries to convince Marty to leave. John threatens Wes that if Wes touches Marty, John will kill him.

Nora meets with Antonio and Talia, explaining her dilemma – there’s nobody to testify against Todd except Tess and Janet. Antonio gets a little excited when Nora mentions Jess testifying, coming to Jess’ defense. Nora calms Antonio down and explains that Viki and Clint already said no. Nora explains that her next best option would be to find Janet, the nurse who worked for Lee Ramsey then Todd helping both men take care of Marty. Antonio has put out an APB on her, hoping she’ll surface soon. Talia has an idea – call Blair to see if she knows anything, which Blair explains that she doesn’t. Feeling a little defeated, Nora heads home.

Cole is being pressured into taking the joint from the other student, but Matthew shows up, interrupting Cole. The other student takes off, Matt thinks its cool that Cole knows the other guy seeing as how he’s on the baseball team. Cole explains that its not who you know to be cool, its who you are that’s cool. Matt takes off with a few of his friends. Meanwhile, Starr, Langston and Markko are in their AP Biology class waiting for the arrival of the new teacher. Mr. “J” walks in ready to teach the class, immediately the girls go gaga over him – even Langston which make Markko a little jealous but she assures him that he’s got nothing to worry about. After catching Starr talking to Langston, Mr. “J” asks Starr a particularly hard question about the reproductive system. Starr shoots back a sarcastic answer saying that she’s had and lost a baby and knows all about the reproductive system. Mr. “J” apologizes and, as the bell rings, asks Starr to stay behind. Mr. “J” apologizes again, Starr knows he didn’t know. Starr introduces herself, Mr. “J” can’t believe that he’s teaching Starr Manning as the “J” stands for Joplin – Mr. “J” is Skylar Joplin, Dr. Joplin’s son.

Meanwhile, Cole is in the hallway trying to score something a little more powerful than a joint when Langston and Markko interrupt, Cole never gets his hands on anything…yet. Blair is continuing to chastise Todd for his recent actions, meanwhile we see someone video taping them argue. Blair hands Todd a picture from last Christmas when his whole family was happy, Blair wants him to be that man again. As Blair goes to leave, Tea shows up and wants to know what Blair is doing there. Blair takes off in a huff. Tea wants the low down on Todd’s alleged kidnapping scheme. Todd explains that it wasn’t a scheme, the plan was to make Starr think her baby was dead. Tea is shocked that even Todd would sink that low, Todd continues saying he was blackmailing Dr. Joplin so she would help him. Tea realizes that she needs to find Janet before Nora does. Nora returns home and find Matt on the computer, Matt receives a phone call and goes up to his room. When Nora is moving his backpack, a joint rolls onto the floor. Renee is milling about the house when the doorbell rings, Renee answers and is grabbed and thrust outside. Janet, in disguise, has come to Renee seeking help. . .

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