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One Life to Live Recap for Wednesday, July 30, 2008

OLTL Episode Recap


One Life to Live Recap for Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rex Balsom

Copyrighted by ABC Daytime, 2008
Rex is elated to get Gigi on his cell phone and even more so when she confirms it’s 2008. His smile turns to concern as he glances at the Paris Texas Journal headlines --- “More protests to end fighting in Vietnam.” The transmission keeps shorting out and all Gigi can figure is he’s on Route 68! More static. “You’re in Vietnam?” Gigi shouts in frustration as the phone goes dead. Bo is already contemplating a much needed Plan B.

Back in Llanview, Natalie is relieved with Viki’s appearance in the Llanfair kitchen. As Natalie quizzes her Mom about her absence, Tess flashes back to the brake tampering on her sister’s car. Natalie is shocked to hear of Viki’s dodge with death and can’t understand since the car had just been serviced! Viki announces she’s thinking of attending an organ donor meeting in South Africa. Tess thinks it’s a wonderful idea and thinks to herself how she can put in her next plan of attack for Nat and Jared.

In the dungeon at Mendorra, Jonas has Tina and Cain escorted out to attend the wedding as “Guests of Honor” per Carlo’s orders. Cain is not really keen on attending and asks if they can just “send a fondue instead.” After the “ex-royalty” depart, Jonas teases with the knife tip. Antonio begs Jonas to treat Talia right. Jonas assures him he will --- that is, until he gets rid of Carlo! As Antonio lunges towards the Medorran prince, the knife penetrates into his chest and the Latino crumples to the floor.

At Angel Square, Todd taunts the duo after hearing about John and Blair taking to the sheets the night before. He can’t wait to offer that he also slept with someone the night before but respected her so much, that he only slept in the room with her. Manning suggests that John check with his doctor in case he contracted any sexually transmitted disease. When Todd reminds Blair that John was thinking of Marty the whole time he was having sex with her, John lands a blow to Todd’s jaw. After Todd departs, Blair decides that she and John need to cool their relationship and forget the night before even happened.

Nearby at the remains of the diner, Brody and Charlie figure out how they know each other from the AA meeting. Brody is in a panic that Charlie will spill the beans about Shane’s true father. Charlie reminds him of the AA oath and assures him “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” However, Charlie feels Rex should be told the truth. Brody feels Rex will only hurt Shane and Gigi by rejecting his newly found family. Gigi joins them and expresses her concern over the missing Rex. None of them can make heads or tails over her garbled exchange with Rex. Brody feels that Rex is just jerking Gigi around again.

Meanwhile at the ranch, Bo and Rex figure out that find out finding Emma is the key to connecting the 1968 characters with the residents of Llanview. Rex is not thrilled that it may take Bo sleeping with Emma (Rex’s Gigi) to keep him from going to Vietnam. Bo is willing to do whatever it takes! Chuck Wilson enters overhearing Rex refer to the nutcase upstairs (Olympia/Lindsey) and announces the nurse is trying to settle her down. Rex wonders aloud who the nurse will be – Adrianna? The “Father/Son” duo decide to head off to town to try to find Emma at the motel adjacent to the diner . Bo has to coach Rex on donning his cowboy hat before they enter the diner. Once inside, the two cowboys look like misfits. The café is full of stoned hippies displaying peace signs. Rex tries to fit in and shoots the peace sign back. A long-haired familiar face comes out of the kitchen. Bo and Rex are shocked to see Mel (known to the 1968 locals as Jeremiah) wearing rose colored glasses and dressed in a purple apron with a tie-died peace sign.

In Medorra, Carlo struts around the palace as if he’s the one marrying into royalty. As the wedding processional begins, Cain jumps to the blare of the trumpets right next to him. The bride-to-be grits her teeth and quietly promises death to Carlo if anything happens to Antonio. He chuckles and explains that it’s out of his control. Floors below the wedding, a hooded figure carefully removes the knife from Antonio’s chest.

Over in Angel Square, Charlie helps Carlotta find a sentimental frame of the first dollar earned at the diner. He then goes outside to try to reach Rex and runs into Viki. Both are saddened by the ruins of the diner. Charlie is further saddened to hear that Viki is there to tell him goodbye. Gigi lets Brody borrow her cell phone to make a call. Brody confirms he has an interview to be a trainer. He almost takes off with the cell, but Gigi stops him. She needs it to try to get Rex again. She instead gets Chuck Wilson on the phone. She is perplexed as Chuck III says he found Rex’s cell that morning and he hasn’t seen either Bo or Rex since the afternoon before! She knows she just talked to Rex on that phone!

Back at the Paris, Texas diner, Bo and Rex begin to argue when Rex proposes knocking on every motel room door. He is in a panic that time is running out and if they don’t find Emma, he’s a goner to Vietnam! Jeremiah urges them to make love not war. The door to the diner opens and in walks a redhead. She saunters up to Bo, glares at him and then lands a slap that could be probably heard in Llanview!

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