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One Life to Live Recap for Tuesday, July 29, 2008

OLTL Episode Recap


One Life to Live Recap for Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Antonio Vega

Copyrighted by ABC Daytime, 2008
Carlotta leaves a message for Antonio seeking his assistance in locating insurance papers as a fire destroyed the diner sometime in the night. Gigi offers to call Rex for Carlotta to help her investigate how the fire started but remembers that he is out looking for Bo. Brody shows up at the diner determined to talk to Gigi. After a few moments of rambling, he asks her out on a date. Gigi says she can’t think about anything like that until she finds another job to take care of her son. Brody tells her that she isn’t in this alone in taking care of Shane and that they will look for work together.

Rex awakens thinking that he’d dreamt going back in time until the two Chucks walk in with a newspaper confirming that he and Bo are stuck in 1968. When Rex starts to freak out, Bo sends Chuck Jr. for breakfast while Chuck Sr. suggests the two Buchanan’s take a vacation. Bo attempts to call the future but the area code he tries to dial doesn’t yet exist. Bo and Rex try to figure out how they got trapped in the past with people they know using different names. As they bicker over who slept with Emma Bradley, Lindsey walks in demanding to know who her husband is sleeping with now. Bo is stunned when Lindsey announces that she is Olympia Buchanan. Olympia then makes a fuss about not sending her son to Vietnam. Chuck Jr. tells Bo that they will be shipping out together at the end of the week and home before Christmas. Rex informs Bo that he isn’t going to Vietnam who says that he doesn’t have a choice. When they are left alone, Bo tells him that they are risking the future if they don’t go through with the past. Chuck Jr. interrupts them with confusion over what he found by the fencepost where they were struck by lightning. Rex grabs his cell phone and makes his own attempt to call the future. Rex is thrilled to get Gigi on the line.

Blair wakes up in John’s arms, happy that she wasn’t dreaming of the night before. The two agree that they have no regrets about sleeping together but Blair wonders what happens next. John says he isn’t sure, so Blair suggests that they remain friends since neither is ready for a relationship. John agrees that is for the best and says that even if they were interested, Blair deserves better. She tells him that she likes him for a lot of reasons, but mostly because he is honest with her. Her confession ends in another round of lovemaking. Afterward, John suggests they go to the diner for breakfast. Before getting ready to leave, Blair asks that they keep their affair private.

Todd awakens to the sound of Marty laughing who explains that she feels the best she has since she can remember and states that it’s thanks to him. Marty also thanks Todd for telling her a little about her past. Marty again apologizes for bringing up the bad memories. She tells him she owes him for taking such good care of her. He says that he’s enjoyed having her company and appreciates her listening to him rant about his family life. Marty tells Todd that Blair must be nuts to have left him for John. When Marty asks for blueberry pancakes, Todd heads to the diner to get her breakfast.

At the diner, Todd sees John and Blair together and demands to know if they are sleeping together.

In Mendorra, Talia insists again that she is not marrying Jonas and asks for Antonio.Talia refuses to get dressed, amusing Carlo with her spirit. He asks Jonas to prepare Cain and Tina for the ceremony while Talia calms her nerves.

When Jonas questions what is to be done with Antonio, Carlo suggests he eliminate him. When Talia tells her father that she is not marrying Jonas, Carlo assures her that she is. Carlo insists that he is doing this for Talia’s future and that she will thank him for it. Talia bargains with Carlo for Antonio’s life.

Carlo takes Tina to the cell where he is holding Antonio and Cain where she apologizes to Antonio. When he asks for Cristian and Sarah, Carlo wonders who should tell Antonio, him or Tina. When Tina is unable to tell them, Carlo says he doesn’t have time, he’s giving his daughter away soon. Cain presses Tina for an answer to where Sarah is, forcing her to tell them that Cristian and Sarah went over the waterfall. Antonio refuses to believe they could be dead.

Cain comforts her when Tina takes the blame for what happened. Antonio wants to know if she actually saw their dead bodies. Cain interrupts their debate by reminding them that they are soon to be executed. Antonio is furious to realize that Cain has no one that he can turn to to get them released from Carlo’s prison. Jonas listens outside the cell with a knife hidden behind his back.

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