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'One Life to Live' Recap for Tuesday, April 30, 2013


'One Life to Live' Recap for Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Llanview's Victor Lord and Tea Delgado

As Téa is frantically running into the hospital, she sees Todd. In the meantime, Blair has arrived with Jack. Matthew, Jeffrey and Destiny are there as well. They are all concerned about Dani. The doctor comes out to talk to the group. He asks what kind of drugs she has taken. Matthew tells the doctor that she took Oxycontin. Tea refuses to believe that Dani’s problem could be drug-related. Todd begins to berate Tea telling her that she had not been doing a very good job at parenting. She becomes upset with him minimizing his concern as he has been living in Port Charles, only showing up because there is a crisis. Blair starts arguing with Todd as well. Jack tells Todd that bad things happen when he is around and probably caused Dani to be sick from seeing Todd. Blair is aggravated that Todd is upset with Tea and causing a disturbance.

In the meantime, Victor shows up to see Dani. Dani is unconscious and does not realize Victor is there. Victor leaves Dani’s side and goes into the waiting area where he pins Todd against the wall as Todd is berating Tea. At this moment, everyone present realizes that Victor is alive. Tea is in disbelief. Victor tells her that this past year had been the stolen from him and some before that. She wants an explanation for his absence. Victor tells her to just be glad he is there. Tea tells Victor that she has indeed been a bad mother and is not sure she wants to be a mother at all. He wants her to explain, but she tells him that there will be time for that later.

At the hospital, Destiny and Matthew discuss Drew. Matthew tells her that he loves Drew, but she definitely feels Matthew is not doing his part in Drew’s life.

Dorian arrives at Llanfair demanding Viki print a retraction in The Banner regarding her possible involvement in a breach of national-security issue. Viki tells Dorian that she stands by her story and that it has been verified by two sources. Dorian threatens The Banner with a libel-suit unless she retracts it. Dorian returns home. While Clint and Viki are discussing the impending situation, Viki receives a call from the hospital; she and Clint leave immediately.

Over at Shelter, opening-night does not go the way Cutter has imagined. Dani overdosing is bringing unwelcome attention. People are leaving not wanting to be around the situation. For the ones who remain, Cutter has Rama Patel make them free drinks. He encourages them to stay, and most of them do. Cutter wants no part of the drug-culture involved in Shelter and fears that Blair will blame him.

Later, Todd and Blair meet in a coffee bar. Todd is telling Blair that clubs are known to be associated with drugs. Blair assures Todd that this is Llanview, not Miami or New York. Todd asks Blair why she wanted to buy a club in the first place. She tells him that she wants some excitement and purpose to which he asks her if she had ever tried knitting. They continue to discuss the situation and how violence toward Victor is not the answer to this situation.

When Dorian arrives home, she tells David that she thinks that the important people involved in the possible conspiracy will help clear her name, and then she will sue The Banner. They decide to go out for a walk. They open the curtains to find a mirage of photographers.

Back at the hospital, the doctor comes out to announce to the group that Dani is sedated, but will be fine. Todd and Victor shoot daggers at each other.

……to be continued….

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