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'One Life to Live' Recap for Thursday, May 9, 2013


'One Life to Live' Recap for Thursday, May 9, 2013

Llanview's Nora Buchanan

Copyright by ABC, 2013
Dorian and Jack Manning have coffee at the café where they run into Todd. Todd attempts to bond with his son yet again and even offers to buy him the computer he so eagerly wants but Jack repulsively turns down his offer and storms away. Back at La Boule, Dorian begins her revenge and coaxes her banker, Frank into believing that Bill Ogden/ Pellegrino account is a great fund to invest in. Knowing that the fund is scandalous, Dorian can hardly wait until Frank raves about it to the Buchanan’s to endow. Bo surprises Nora with a Bora Bora honeymoon celebration in his office at the prescient. Bo offers Nora a proposition she can’t refuse. Nora is delighted to begin working as a radio DJ that Bo has set up for her.

Todd stops by to see Dani and catches Tea and Dani fighting over the 21 yr olds’ quest to move out. Todd offers to buy furniture for her new pad and volunteers to take her there. Just as they are about to leave, Victor wakes and Tea fills him in. After Dani and Todd leave, Victor tells Tea that he believes that his brother has good intentions and thinks he should give him a break in hope he does the same. Tea leaves for work but Victor is too consumed on his computer. Later Victor sneaks back into Todd’s hotel room and dumps the tainted liquor decanter and refills it with a fresh bottle. Matt and Jeff are surprised when Todd offers to buy the three roommates a new leather couch and a flat screen. Dani approves that Todd is the only parent allowed at their place. The three lay down the ground rules. Victor stops in to the café and while waiting on line he sees a man with the same tattoo that he has and a gun on his side. Victor quickly runs out.

Dorian pays Viki a visit and tells her that she understands that they both where just doing their jobs and asks if they can still remain friends. Viki skeptically obliges telling Dorian whatever makes her happy. Clint gets a call from Frank who eagerly persuades Clint to invest in the Pellegrino account and Clint tells him he has to discuss it with Viki. Todd goes to see his sister but finds Clint instead. While waiting, Clint questions Todd about the Pellegrino account and his opinion. Viki soon arrives and greets her brother with open arms. She explains her financial situation and asks Todd if she should make such a drastic investment. Todd is weary and tells her not to put all her eggs in one basket. Todd tells her that she’s such an inspiration to him and Viki tells him how much she truly loves him.

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