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One Life to Live Recap for Monday, December 6, 2004

Fan Recap for One Life to Live

By Rachael Ruiz

As Blair and Todd continue to have fun making wedding plans, a delusional Margaret has plans of her own as she marvels over a wedding gown. Margaret has a raging fit when she decides that her gown won’t do and in a frenzy rips it apart, but then sews it back together more to her liking. Jack interrupts a romantic evening between Blair and Todd, as he wakes up crying over a bad dream he was having about his mommy Blair.

A photographer lurks outside of Kelly’s hotel room taking pictures of her through the window. He calls Kevin and informs him to check his email for the surveillance photos he took of Kelly. Kevin is outraged to find the photos are that of Kelly undressing and calls the photographer to tell him off. Kelly searches the Internet for information on Babe Chandler. She comes across a current article covering the Florida concert benefiting the Miranda Montgomery Center. After reading that J.R. Chandler is going to perform at the concert, she has a feeling that Babe Chandler and Ace might be there too.

Jessica, quite ill, staggers over to Tico’s hospital room. She is obviously out of it but manages to look through the window into his room and catches sight of someone unplugging the cord to Tico’s life support system. She then falls unconscious to the floor. Michael rushes to Tico’s room and immediately starts chest compressions. After attempting to revive Tico, Michael looks over to the wall and finds the cord to the life support system is not plugged in…he realizes that someone pulled the plug on Tico. Is it too late to save Tico?

Meanwhile, Duke takes Adriana to Asa’s mansion so she can get a good night sleep instead of spending the night alone at La Boulet. She tells Duke that she is afraid of what Antonio might do to Tico out of his hatred towards him. Kevin is not pleased to see Adriana there, since she is Dorian’s daughter and Tico’s sister. Duke valiantly defends Adriana and stands up to Kevin.

Back at the hospital, after unsuccessfully trying to revive Tico, Michael pronounces him dead at 8:46 PM. Jessica and Antonio stand wide-eyed at the door as Tico is pronounced dead. As Jessica is taken back to her room to rest, Antonio and Cristian question each other as to what they were doing outside of Tico’s room.

John arrives at the hospital and enters Tico’s room, now a crime scene. Michael informs him the cause of death was respiratory arrest and heart failure. John picks up the electrical cord off the floor and asks Michael if the cord might have been unplugged by accident. Michael is quite firm as he informs him there is no way that happened and demands to know why the cop, who was supposed to be posted right outside of Tico’s room, was not there. After John asks him who else knows about Tico’s death, Michael informs him that Cristian, Viki, and Antonio, who found Jessica passed out in the hallway, know about Tico.

Outside of Cristian’s room, he admits to Natalie that he feels a lot better now that Tico is out of their lives for good. At that moment, Adriana and Duke make it to the hospital and she is sad to find Tico is dead. Viki spends time with Jessica while she rests in her hospital room. When Viki leaves, Jessica wakes up with visions of seeing someone in Tico’s room pulling the plug.

John questions Antonio about Tico’s death. Antonio comes to Jessica’s defense, explaining she was doped up and didn’t know where she was, and then tells John, “You’re wasting your time, John. She wouldn’t kill anybody…not even someone like him.” After John reminds Antonio that Jessica was there when it happened, Antonio was quick to respond that Tico has a lot of other enemies. John simply says, “I know…Antonio, I’m stuck trying to find out which one killed him.” Antonio admits he is glad Tico is dead and adds that hating someone is not a crime. To that John states, “Murder is.” Antonio is unmoved with John and says he is going back to Jessica. The episode ends as John states, “Hey you’re right, Tico had a lot of enemies, but only one that I know put a bullet in him.”

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