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One Life to Live Recap for the week of November 20 - November 24, 2006

One Life to Live Recaps


Bo can’t believe that he’s hearing, Nat explains that it’s the truth. Bo wants to know who, then, is in John’s grave. Vince tells Bo that Hugh might be in the grave. Bo can’t believe that John’s body might have been misidentified; Paige overhears this and thinks the news is great. Bo didn’t mean for Paige to hear anything, he tells her to call the hospital to check on Hugh. Paige does as told, and then goes back into the courtroom. Bo tells Nat and Vince not to tell anyone about this for right now – he wants more proof that John may be alive.

Van prepares herself for questioning David, David explains that he’s been waiting for this moment for a long time. Van and Nora both tell David not to do any “funny stuff” on the stand that could lead to the defense discrediting him as a witness; David promises not to screw anything up. Mark, Spencer’s lawyer, asks Van if she really is ready for David to take the stand, Van confirms that she has never been more ready for anything. Clint, after seeing Kevin off, goes to the hospital to visit Kelly and Zane. Kelly explains that the doctors said that Zane might be well enough to travel more sooner than later, so she can meet Kevin in London sooner – Dorian overhears this and asks what’s going on. Kelly explains that she is leaving Llanview and going to live with Kevin in London. At first Dorian is against it, Clint takes her aside and makes her realize that she isn’t losing someone else but rather seeing one of her “girls” live out their dream. Dorian realizes that this might make Kelly happy, so Dorian accepts that fact that Kelly is leaving. Dorian takes Kelly aside, gives Kelly her blessings to be happy and reminds Kelly that she will always be there for her if she needs anything.

Blair is livid to find out that Marty Saybrooke is Cole’s mother. Cole senses the tension and wants to know what’s going on. Bauer interjects as Blair almost attacks Marty; Bauer then takes Cole to the lab to get the results of his TOX screen. Blair thinks that Marty deliberately sent Cole to Llanview High, only to get back at Todd for what he did to her. Marty explains that the only reason she moved back to Llanview was to get away from California – because that’s where Patrick (her husband) died about a year ago. Starr is still trying to process everything that’s been going on; Marty apologizes over and over to Starr for what Cole did. Cole and Bauer return, Bauer reveals that Cole had steroids in his system. Starr, as well as Marty, is shocked. Bauer explains what will happen next and releases Cole to Marty.

On the way home, Cole wants to know the reason for the tension between her and the Manning family. Marty begins to explain that she and Todd met in college, and he did something to her that was worse than what Cole did to Starr. Todd, Blair and Starr return home, wherein Starr outright asks Todd if he raped Marty – to which Blair still denies that Todd has anything to do with it. Todd admits that he did it, Starr storms upstairs wanting to know why Todd can admit it but Blair can’t. Todd begins to blame himself for what’s happening now. Rex runs into Adriana and tells her that Tommy is Todd’s kid. Adriana is just as shocked as Rex was, Rex has conflicted views on whether or not to tell Marcie, Mike and Todd. Rex thinks that too many emotions are at stake and tells Adriana that the truth stays with them. Adrian feels that Mike, Marcie and Todd al have the right to know. Mike and Marcie show up, wanting an update on Rex’s hunt for Tommy’s birth parents. . .

Nat goes to the hospital, only to find Hugh/John’s bed empty. She runs into Viki, who ran to the hospital after talking to Bo. Nat explains that she believes John is really alive, Viki hears Nat out and believes that it could be true. Marcie and Mike bring Tommy to see Rex. Rex holds Tommy as Marcie grills him with questions, wondering if he’s found Tommy’s real parents yet. At first, Rex tries to dissuade them from having him look for the parents but Marcie is adamant about knowing Tommy’s medical history. Rex asks Marcie what she would do if he found Tommy’s real parents. Marcie explains that she would take a bullet before letting anyone take Tommy away from her. Rex says that he hasn’t found Tommy’s parents yet – but will continue to look. Mike and Marcie head back to the courthouse, Adriana asks Rex why he didn’t tell the truth. Marcie pops back over before they leave, just to thank Rex and explains what a good person she can see in him now.

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