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One Life to Live Recap for Thursday, November 18, 2004

Fan Recap for One Life to Live

By Richard Schwertfager

AMC Update: Bianca tells Krystal about John’s visit. Bianca thinks that Babe killed Paul and she will defend Babe. Krystal promises everything will work out. Krystal wants to tell Bianca that her baby is alive. David wants to wait until Paul’s murder trial is over to tell Bianca. Tad thinks the whole thing is crazy and wants to tell Bianca now. Babe and Jamie continue to drive, Babe feels that she has to call Bianca to tell her.

Asa has notarized the deal he made with Blair and Starr to give Todd his identity back but refuses to give the contract to Todd until he tells him where Ace is. Todd, after saying he doesn’t know where Ace is, threatens to call “The Sun” and run a story on Kevin raising another person’s child if Asa doesn’t hand over the papers. Relentlessly, Asa throws the contract at Todd.

David and Kelly are staking out Adam Chandler’s mansion looking for any sign of Krystal. They have had no luck through the night. Kelly suggests they call Dorian. Little do they know, Dorian is being held at the police station. Blair goes to rescue Dorian. Dorian wants to know why she is being held because she’s done nothing wrong, as she sees Viki exit Bo’s office. Dorian is furious and believes that Viki is setting her up to be tried for Paul’s murder. Viki ignores Dorian and leaves. David calls Blair’s cell phone, she hands it to Dorian. David tells Dorian that he and Kelly are going to find Ace and asks if she’s ok. Dorian lies and tells him she is fine. They hang up, Bo keeps on questioning Dorian to the point where she swears she didn’t kill Paul but knows who did.

Nat and Antonio wait at the Diner for Jess to arrive. Nat wonders if Jess will ever forgive Antonio. Jess arrives and Nat reveals that they have a big surprise for her. Antonio calls out in Spanish, Cristian comes out. Jess is shocked to see him alive. Cris begins to tell of how he was held captive on a boat and how Flynn sold him. Jess is relieved that Cris is ok. Cris tells Jess that Tico is the one who ordered Flynn to kill him. Jess, Nat, Cris and Antonio come up with a plan to find information on Tico that will put him in jail. Jess and Tico will visit a “distraught” Nat while Cris and Antonio search Lion’s Heart for incriminating evidence against Tico.

Tico goes to see Kevin with a copy of a revised budget. Kevin, who is pre-occupied with trying to find Ace, wonders how Tico got a copy of it. Todd comes out and wants to know what they are conspiring to do. Tico warns Todd to back off. Todd leaves. Tico tells Kevin to review the papers and have fun at Gov. Brooks’ speech tonight.

Dorian believes that Paul owed someone money and that person killed him. Bo says that that statement isn’t going to help. Dorian excuses herself to her bail hearing.

David and Kelly find Krystal hiding out at David Hayward’s cabin. Kelly tries to find out where Ace is, but slips and reveals that she isn’t Ace’s real mom. Krystal threatens to call the cops. David and Kelly agree to leave, but stick around outside for a while. While outside they overhear Krystal talking to Babe asking how Ace is doing. Krystal takes off. Kelly and David break into the cabin and retrieve the number from the caller id. David and Kelly head off to North Carolina, where the call came from.

Jess arrives at Lion’s Heart and tried to get Tico to go visit Nat. Tico doesn’t want to go at first, but Jess’ persistence pays off as Tico agrees to go with her.

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