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One Life to Live Recap for Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Fan Recap for One Life to Live

By Regina Skarzinskas

Jessica reports for duty at the Sun. She and Todd discuss Kevin’s involvement with the corrupt Governor Brooks. Todd tells Jessica about the Santi family involvement with Walker Flynn and the Las Vegas Casinos. Jessica rushes off to dinner at the Palace with Tico and her family. Antonio arrives to tell Todd that Ross is dead. He and Antonio mull over the possible connections, and Todd tells Antonio about the Santi’s Las Vegas activities, stopping just short of telling him that Tico was personally responsible for his brother’s death.

John is at the station with Natalie trying to get what information he can about her involvement with Paul’s disappearance. Evangeline walks in and informs John that she is representing Natalie. Evangeline lays out all of the evidence against Natalie and qualities it all as “circumstantial”. All Natalie needs is an alibi for that night. Hope fades quickly as Natalie tells her she has none. Given the overwhelming evidence against her, Natalie decides to come clean….to a point. She tells Evangeline that she went to see Paul, held a gun on him to make sure he used his ticket out of town and in a scuffle, dropped the gun. She stops talking as images of Paul pushing her onto the bed, and her struggles and cries come rushing into her mind. She goes on to tell Evangeline that she went to Church and lit a candle, praying to St Jude that Cristian would somehow help her.

After leaving Natalie, John returns to his office to mull over the possible suspects when Shannon barges in to inform John that she may know who was involved in Paul’s disappearance. She tells him that she saw someone hiding a gun downstairs at the Love Center. John leaves with Shannon to investigate. When they get there, Rex follows them down. Shannon tells John that she saw a woman bury the gun. John discovers the buried gun and takes it back to the Station. Rex confronts Shannon about her story, reminding her that he was the person she saw. She told him that she figured he was covering.

Meanwhile, Blair and Dorian, dressed to the 9s in their stylish “undercover gear”, get caught digging at Judge Hernandez gravesite by the cemetery security. Not buying their “planting daises” story, they get hauled in to the Police Station. Once there, David arrives, once again to rescue them. Dorian tells John that she thought she had lost her engagement ring at the graveside service for Judge Hernandez and they went out to the site to see if they could find it in the dirt. While there, Dorian put her hand in her pocket and lo and behold, there was her ring…and that’s all there is to it she claimed. They are informed that no charges will be filed and then are free to go. Dorian is relieved that they are off the hook, but John puts a call in for a warrant to dig up the Judge’s grave, convinced that he will find information about Paul’s disappearance.

Cristian’s captors inform him that soon he will be leaving. Visions of Natalie haunt him and in a dream he sees Natalie begging him to help her as she is in terrible trouble. Fashioning a weapon, he finds strength to pick up the pace as time is running short. Soon a guard appears to take him away. Cristian goes after the guard who flashes a knife and informs Cristian that he will die. Although we don’t see the fight, a bound guard is left behind as Cristian, obviously wounded, heads out of the cell dressed in the guard’s uniform.

Jessica arrives at the Palace to have dinner. Tico asks her what she is working on and she mentioned that she is working on a story about Las Vegas. She suggests that they go there as a honeymoon celebration. When she asks Tico if he has ever been to Las Vegas, he replies, “No. Never.”

Also at the Palace are Bo, Nora and Matthew. Bo and Nora try to explain to Matthew their relationship although skirting around the real reason for their divorce. They reassure Matthew that they are friends and love being parents. While Matthew is trying to get his parents together. Asa arrives at the Palace for a meeting only to discover that the Manning he is meeting with is none other than Starr! Starr tells him that she has a “deal he can’t refuse” and proceeds to lay out her proposition. Asa gets out of the way of Todd and Blair being able to marry and Starr will give back to Asa the gold spurs which she stole from him. Matthew walks up to their table just as Asa is trying to argue the point and gets his grandpa to soften up. Starr announces that the meeting is over and walks away….but before she gets completely out the door is spotted by Dorian, who stops her cold and calls Blair.

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