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One Life to Live Recap for Friday, November 5, 2004

Fan Recap for One Life to Live

By Gemma G.

Episode starts out with Cristian coming home to Natalie, but... it's a daydream. She has been thinking of him lately, playing pool, etc. Rex asks Natalie about Paul, but when Natalie suspects he only asked to help Jen, she is nasty. Cute little McBain girl asks Rex to accompany her to the last slab, name signing ceremony at the Love Center. He gets an idea and leaves, asks her to wait for him. Natalie warns Shannon against Rex still being in love with Jen (probably just for spite, since she is always unkind to Jen). Roxy is there too, comic relief at Rodi’s (indescribable, but funny as always).

Bo and Kevin wonder if the last time kidnapper Margaret is this time kidnapper. (We know Ace was taken by his birth other, albeit illegally.) After that is checked, Bo suggests getting the media involved.

Tico is getting more and more confident. Ticolicious is looking more and more like a real live shark every day, especially when he is bragging. (Sad news, the Santi's are leaving, I love this guy.)

As Kelly makes the move into the carriage house at Llanfair, Jessica is there and gives her the key. They wonder why Dorian changed her mind about it. Kelly is worried about Paul and ponders the question he could answer for her.

Vickers is at the police station and chats with John. He volunteers info about them all being home on Halloween evening. How he, Dorian, and Adriana (he butchers her name every time) were all home all evening on Halloween, handing out candy to kids. Even Blair stopped by with her kid (remember the prisoner outfit...). Paul could have something to do with Ace's kidnapping, he says. Yeah, and Dorian is off looking for him, he says.

Kevin runs into David at the police station and tells him he will tell Kelly and that they are going live on television. Vickers says to him, "Kevin, what is wrong with you!" They are supposed to be protecting Kelly. But convinced by Bo, Kevin has no choice as they have not yet received a ransom demand.

Kelly finds out from the media, who arrive at Llanfair (Ironically, Kelly had Dorian's blessing to move there to protect her from the press.) Kelly is understandably upset and gives a great scene with Kevin as she realizes Ace has been stolen. Later, Kevin and Kelly go on air to plea for the return of their son. They are close, and politely intimate. After the broadcast, Kelly is so emotional; she leans on Kevin's shoulder. It made me cry. Roxy too. Still at Rodi’s she is also watching the broadcast as are others. "That's so awful," she sobs with a tissue.

Jessica and Adriana meet for lunch. Jessica mildly asks Adriana to keep what she saw from Tico (her smooching Antonio). Adriana, a witness at their wedding, loves both her brothers. Unsure how to proceed, she tries calling Duke several times on her cell. Then, David corners her and seriously asks Adriana to lie about the gun and their Halloween night whereabouts for 'the sake of the family.'

Jen and Riley carve their names in cement at the Love Center. They get to talking and Jen worried about her mother describes her (Lindsay) as having been so beautiful that she would cause accidents just walking down the street, but then so melancholy and insecure at times. She never thought anything would last. Later, they meet Lindsay and RJ for a toast. Love project over, Jen graduates and Paul Kramer is gone. Yeah! Riley is so cute. He and Jen leave. Afterwards, Lindsay thinks Jen is hiding something.

Rex buries the gun (that he found outside the Love shack the night of the murder) in the cement slab at the Love Center. Shannon McBain finds him there. They sign their names there too (though not under the gun slab). Rex had troweled over the heart between the Jen and Riley names in the cement.

Lindsay and RJ discuss the gun. RJ got it for her and claims to have taken it back, knowing it had recently been fired. Lindsay has no idea about Paul but says she fired the gun at a gun range recently. RJ doesn't believe that. Lindsay may think she is protecting Jen, etc. Murder mystery ensues.

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