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One Life to Live Recap for the week of August 14 - August 18, 2006


Rex goes to see Bo, to tell him about Adriana but Dorian has already filled Bo in. Rex accuses Dorian of setting the whole thing up, Clint walks in just in time to hear Rex’s accusation. Clint pulls Dorian aside and explains that, if Rex is true, Clint will never be able to even look at Dorian again. Dorian claims that it’s all rubbish. Bo instructs Dorian to write down all Adriana’s friends, while he tells Rex to go get his laptop. Dorian is convinced that all Adriana needs is time, then she’ll be home. Dorian takes off, planning on going to the beach that Rex took Adriana to. Both Bo and Clint hope Dorian isn’t behind this. Blair meets with John to finalize their plans – Blair is going to get the key, slip it to Nat and then Nat is going to give it to him. John wants to know if Blair isn’t comfortable with the plan, Blair explains that the sooner they can put Spencer in jail the better.

Todd shows up to take Van to the hospital gala, Van explains that she isn’t ready yet and also reveals that she hasn’t told Cris yet. Cris shows up wanting to take Van to the gala, Van explains that she is already going with Todd. Todd and Cris get into it, Van tells Todd to go get something for her. When Todd leaves, Van explains to Cris that Todd knows that she and Cris are in a relationship, Van explains that Todd is still in love with Blair. Todd returns, Van explains that she is going to the gala with both of them – on the condition that they don’t argue. Both men agree to it, Van goes to get ready. Claudia shows up at the station looking for John, Nat wants to know why she needs to see John. They get into it, John breaks them up.

Claudia explains that she forgot to sign her statement, which infuriates Natalie. John splits them up, John explains to Nat about the plan with Blair. Nat is all for the undercover cop work. John reminds her that this is very serious, they both need to be at their game for this thing to work. Nat promises she won’t screw up. Antonio goes over to Jess and Nash, he explains to Jess where he’ll be working. Jess accepts that he’s back on the force, Antonio explains further that he will be looking for any other men who have Norman’s tapes. Antonio gets a call – he needs to meet with someone and takes off. Nash explains to Jess that he’s going to sell the vineyard in California and buy one in Pennsylvania. Jess explains that if he’s waiting for Tess to come out, he shouldn’t bother. Nash knows that Tess is gone, but hasn’t accepted it yet. Nash and Jess return to the loft, Jess thanks Nash for not taking advantage of her the other day when she began remembering Norman. Nash jokes – saying that he’s not such a bad guy after all. Jess gives Nash Tess’ journal, explaining that she read it and thought Nash would like to hear what Tess had to say about him. Nash thanks her, he leaves.

Antonio meets with a man named Bob, who delivered the tapes for Norman. Bob explains that he didn’t know what was in the envelopes but knew the contents were bad. Bob admits that he looked in an envelope one time and saw tapes labeled with girl names. Antonio inquires about where he delivered to, Bob writes down a few names and the explains that a man named Eugene Snyder (the man that was accused of being drunk and operating on Thomas McBain) was a big customer. Antonio thanks Bob for all his help, Antonio returns to the apartment to fill Jess in on what he learned. Jess breaks down crying, saying that she just wants everything to be over. Blair goes to Spencer’s apartment, thinking he’s not there but is surprised to learn that he is home. Blair pretends to faint, Spencer goes to get her water. While he is gone, Blair searches his key ring and finds the key but is unable to retrieve it before he gets back. Blair creates another diversion and rips a button off Spencer’s coat. Spencer goes to get a needle and thread, Blair is able to get the key off the ring. Spencer returns and they begin to talk about their future together. They get ready for the gala, Spencer locks his apartment but realizes he forgot something and goes back in. Spencer makes a call to his bank, inquiring about what time they close – explaining that he needs to get something out of his safety deposit box. . .

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