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Fan Recap for One Life to Live, cont.

By Richard Schwertfager

Rex and Shannon are at Angel Square waiting for Adriana and River. Rex says that he is not interested in Adriana after Shannon makes a few comments about her. Adriana and River show up. Adriana thanks Rex for finding her purse. Shannon suggests they go see a magician who’s performing on the street. River wants to check it out. Adriana doesn’t want to go but tells River to go and she’ll wait there for him. Shannon and River take off leaving Adriana and Rex behind. Rex hits on Adriana by telling her how beautiful she is.

Dorian quietly enters Llanfare. Viki says she is glad to see her. Dorian is happy to see that Viki was well enough to be released from the hospital. Viki believes more in Dorian than she does any doctor. Dorian flattered. Viki thanks Dorian for making her go and see the doctor. Dorian asks how she is. Viki says she feels strange and asks how it’ll work. Dorian says that feeling strange is normal. Viki wonders what’ll happen if her body rejects the heart. Dorian makes Viki promise that if she feels that something is not right to go to the hospital immediately. Viki promises and tells Dorian she feels that she’ll be around for a while. Dorian tells her she’ll be around for a long while. Viki tells Dorian that Kevin is more worried about her than he is Kelly. Dorian tells Viki she has no idea what the problem is in their marriage because she would like to help too. Viki wonders what Kelly, Todd and Paul are up to. Dorian is ashamed that Paul is even a member of her family. Viki asks if it’s really that bad. Dorian hopes he rots in jail. Viki asks if Dorian knows what Kelly is keeping from Kevin. Dorian says she has really no idea. Viki wishes she could help because she knows that secrets can destroy a marriage.

David is sitting at the pool typing on his computer. Kelly shows up. David asks Kelly why she is so stressed out. Kelly confesses she turned Paul in to the cops. David says it’s better than throwing his body in the dumpster. Kelly asks David what he’s doing on the computer. David says he’s editing a story for Craze and then shows Kelly a tiny chip that is used as a GPS (Global Positioning System) device. He says it can locate anyone anywhere. Kelly suggests she get one for Ace. David assures her that no one will take Ace away from her. Kelly takes off. David hides the chip in a bracelet that he bought for Dorian.

Shannon and River are back at Angel Square. Shannon can’t believe the magician made River pull a scarf out of her blouse. Adriana tells River that it’s time to go. Adriana thanks Rex and tries to give him back the dollar he lent her. Rex tells her to keep it and call him the next time she needs a ride. Adriana and River take off. Shannon asks Rex if he’s really interested in Adriana. Rex says it’s the perfect plan, he gets Adriana and she’ll get River. Shannon says it’ll never work. Rex says it will but they have to work together.

Kevin brings Ace to see Viki. Viki is so happy to see her grandson but still can’t decide whom Ace looks like. Dorian, fearing the baby has germs, takes the baby from Kevin. She tells Viki that she is going to a spa for a few weeks before she starts her new job. Viki wishes her a safe trip and tells her to have fun. Dorian thanks her and takes the baby into the front hall. Kevin asks what he can do for her. Viki tells Kevin to be normal. Kevin says that his whole day was everything but normal. Viki asks him what’s wrong.

Dorian calls her banker and tells him that she’ll be out of town for a few weeks and asks him to make sure that no one but her touches any part of the $30 million. Her banker assures her that everything will be ok.

Kevin tells Viki about his conversation with Todd. Viki is glad that Kevin is trying. Kevin says he bought it today but knows Todd will do something to screw things up. Viki tells Kevin not to think like that and have faith in Todd. Kevin’s cell phone rings. Kevin picks it up and Margaret is on the other line saying she needs to talk to him about Todd right away.

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