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One Life to Live Recap for the week of May 29 - June 2, 2006

Fan Recap for One Life to Live

By Richard Schwertfager

Tess is watching the news unfold about the execution, Jess tries to come out so she can be with her family but Tess stays strong and keeps Jess away. Nash comes into the room so Tess can hold the baby. Nash gets a call from Reston, who again threatens to harm Brennan if Nash doesn’t leave Llanview. Nash goes to see Claudia to tell her to stop sending her dad to do her dirty work. Meanwhile, Antonio shows up to see the baby. Tess lets him hold the baby as Antonio sings to her. Antonio tries to coax Tess out but Jess does her best to keep Jessica away.

Starr freaks out when she sees Spencer trying to go into the prison, Spencer explains he plans on being there for Blair. A camera crew shows up and attacks Starr. Rex shows up to comfort Adriana, he also shoos away the camera crew. Starr learns the governor has declined the stay of execution and Todd will be dead within minutes. Adriana can’t believe that Todd is going to die, fearing that Starr will not be able to take the loss. John, Natalie, Margaret and David run into a few obstacles after they land. An airport security guard is waiting for them to escort them to the proper authorities for landing without permission. John tries to explain who he is and why they had to make a landing. The security guard doesn’t want to hear anything, John overpowers him and takes the gun away. The security guard doesn’t have a cell phone so they pile into his car and high-tail it to Lehigh Prison to stop the execution.

Todd is strapped to the table as everyone watches on. Van’s attention is towards the phone while Ellen Foley wants this to be quick. Todd is given the chance to speak to the crowd, though they are not allowed to speak to him. Todd reaches out to Viki, telling her how he wishes he could’ve been a better brother and how he hopes Starr will grow up to be just like her. Todd expresses his gratitude to Van for everything she did for him. The phone rings and the warden goes to answer it. The governor tells the warden he has declined the stay of execution. After the warden announces it, everyone but Ellen start to freak out. The warden calms everyone down as Todd tells Blair that she will figure out he is innocent and vows to haunt her from the grave. Spencer shows up, everyone wants him to leave - except for Blair. Viki has no choice but to let Spencer stay. The warden gives the command to start the injection. Everyone watches on as Todd slowly begins to drift off. Outside, John and company arrives at the prison. John rushes in only to be stopped by more security guards who won’t let him into the viewing chamber to stop the execution. Inside the execution chamber, Todd is pronounced dead. . .

Antonio attempts to coz Tess out as Nash returns home. Antonio tells Nash about Claudia’s new job at Capricorn. Tess thinks Antonio only hired her to try to get in between her and Nash. Nash goes to tend to Brennan while Antonio and Tess duke it out. Antonio shows Tess some pictures of Jessica, hoping that will bring Jess back out. Unfortunately it fails. Nash goes upstairs to check on Brennan and finds a letter from Reston warning him to leave Llanview or Brennan will suffer just like Claudia did. Kevin goes into Duke’s bedroom and remembers when Duke was a kid – how Kevin couldn’t spend time with his son because he was busy.

Clint goes to the hospital to see Kelly, to try to get her to forgive Kevin for whatever he did to make her mad at him. Kelly remembers the night Kevin ripped her ring off of her hand and doesn’t think that Kevin will forgive her for being alive instead of Duke. Kevin shows up and overhears, agreeing with Kelly. Kevin goes into the room and starts to fight with Kelly, Clint breaks them up. Kevin turns the TV on to see the news about Todd’s execution, to their surprise, the reporter is explaining about something that could set Todd free.

Nat takes David into the warden’s office while John bursts into the viewing room with Margaret in hand. Everyone gasps as Margaret enters the room. Blair freaks out, knowing that Todd was just pronounced dead. Spencer’s jaw drops as if he’s seen a ghost. Hugh apologizes over and over to Van for being wrong. Viki almost collapses. Bo thanks John and takes Margaret down to the station. Blair begs Spencer to try to save Todd. Spencer goes into the execution chamber and starts to work to bring Todd back to life. Spencer orders the defibulators and shocks Todd, Spencer sees a heartbeat but it quickly fades and he begins to do chest compressions. Spencer stops and tells everyone he did all he could do, but Blair persuades him to continue on. Spencer calls for the medical helicopter to pick Todd up and take him to a better-equipped hospital.

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