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One Life to Live Recap for the week of May 1 - May 5, 2006

By Richard Schwertfager

Nash is reading to the baby, claiming that it’s never to early to start reading. Tess and Nash discuss a name for the baby, Tess feels that, when the baby is ready, she will tell them a name. Tess sends Nash out for some food. Antonio runs into Claudia at the hospital, when asked why she is there Claudia explains that she is donated money to the hospital. Antonio tells her that Tess had the baby and Nash is with them right now. Antonio goes to see Tess, Nash walks in and tells Claudia to leave Llanview so he can get on with his life. Claudia explains that she is moving to Llanview, so hopefully they can become amicable to each other. Antonio visits Tess to congratulate her again, Tess lets Antonio hold the baby. Antonio looks at the baby and tells Tess that he can see Jessica in her, he can also see Jess in Tess. Nash returns to the room. A nurse comes in and tells Nash and Antonio they can do a paternity test now.

Cris goes to see Nat to check up on the investigation into John’s father’s murder. Nat explains what’s going on, they go off talking about their wedding day. Cris kisses Nat, meanwhile John and Van are arguing about his feelings for Nat. John claims that he doesn’t have any while Van can clearly see that he is still in love with Nat. Van catches Cris kissing Nat, Cris runs after her feeling that he has to explain himself to her. Van doesn’t need an explanation, thinking that Cris’ love life is none of her business. Cris hopes that they can become more than friends soon.

John chastises Nat about the actions she took regarding Vince, Nat explains that she was trying to help. John tells her that, if she doesn’t stay out of trouble and out of his business they can’t be friends anymore.

Mike gets a call from his mom saying that she can’t make it home from her trip, due to a storm that is closing in on the island she’s on. Mike rushes over to Marcie and explains that situation. Marcie still wants to proceed with the wedding, as does Mike. Marcie can’t wait to hear Mike’s wedding vows to her. Mike realizes that he forgot to write them and runs to the church to work on them.

Rex goes to the chapel to pray, wherein he finds Adriana. Rex says that he is praying for forgiveness, Adriana walks out on him. Rex turns around and begs God to let Adriana see that he was wrong and that they belong together. Adriana overhears him, apologizes for the way she’s been acting but still doesn’t completely trust him. Cris calls Adriana and asks her to escort him to the wedding, Rex does the same with Natalie. Duke goes to see Kelly and asks why she let the charges be dropped, Kelly thought that it was the only way she could deal with the situation. Kevin overhears them and gets into a big fight with Duke. Duke storms out. Kelly and Kevin get into a huge argument, Kevin thinks that Kelly doesn’t want him because he can’t give her a baby while Kelly tries to make Kevin understand that all she wants is him. Kelly storms out and ends up at the maternity ward, Duke shows up and explains to Kelly that he loves her and would take care of her – something Kevin can’t do. John sees Mike scribbling down notes, John tells Mike just to go from his gut and wing the vows. Mike is getting nervous as he goes to get into his tux. John stays behind and tells his father that he’s getting close. Tom appears to John and tells him that he’s worried because John is getting too close to the truth. . .

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