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Fan Recap for One Life to Live

Fan Recap for One Life to Live


Marcie starts to read her book, but breaks down during the reading. Jen tells her that it’s ok. Hayes brings her a cup of water; Mike sees this and tells Hayes to back off from Marcie. Mike and Marcie embrace in a hug.

John is back at his apartment reading the “Killing Club.” John puts down the book and looks at a picture of Nat. Then he glances at the paper to see Van’s picture. Ron brings Nat back to work, where he has flowers waiting for her. They kiss each other.

Rex shows up to see Bo. Bo’s lead on looking for all the people named “Theodore,” “Edward,” or “Ted” turns up nothing. Rex reports that his informant knows that “Ted” is someone inside the police station. Bo thanks him and shows him the door. Rex leaves and vows to take Ted down. Bo calls payroll to get a copy of everyone on the payroll list. . .

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