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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for December 30, 2008

REFLECTIONS BY JILL - December 30, 2008


Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for December 30, 2008

Todd Manning

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2008
You cannot possibly imagine how disgusted I was when all the charges against Todd were dropped in court. I don’t even know why they have judges in Llanview. They should just bring the worst criminals into court and drop everyone’s charges without even giving them a hearing. Where do they get these judges? Do they know how to do anything but overrule the objections of the prosecution?

Anyway, Tea continued her insane behavior in court with her questioning of John and I loved the way he kept his cool, even though Tea got her point across when she hammered John about the fact that he was not acting in an official capacity as Chief of Detectives when he crashed his way into Todd’s house and beat him to a pulp. It didn’t help that John had to admit that Marty wasn’t too pleased to see him at first and held him at gunpoint. Tea made it very clear to the fuzzy-brained judge that John’s pursuit of Todd was personal because he and Marty were lovers. At least John didn’t make any excuses or apologizes for his behavior at Todd’s house that night and I loved it when he was excused from the stand, looked up at the judge and smugly said, “Hey Judge, for the record, if I had the chance, I’d do it all over again.” Go John!

It was ridiculous that Tea got to call Marty to the stand again and forced her to admit that she was in love with Todd, had the chance to use the phone, the Internet and even walk out the door to freedom and chose not to.

So, of course, the judge ruled that although Todd’s actions (especially lying to Marty and keeping the truth about her past and the fact that she had a son) were highly unethical, they were not illegal. Well, why not just give Todd the Man of the Year Award!

But then, a tiny ray of hope came forward in the name of Starr Manning, who couldn’t stand to see her father go free and decided that she needed to testify to the fact that he was planning to steal her baby. Starr feels that although her father says he loves her, he couldn’t possibly love her if he could plot such a horrible thing as stealing her child, so she tells the whole story about what Todd did and the judge shockingly decides that Todd should be held over for trial on this new charge. Yippee! Like that’s going to get him locked up when everything else didn’t. And how disgusting was Tea when she wanted to get bail for Todd and blurted out that since the baby was dead, Todd was not a flight risk and wouldn’t be planning another try at kidnapping since the baby no longer existed? Boy, she is one harsh woman. Not only does Todd get bail but also Tea provides it. What more can I say?

Now we know that Tea is somehow working with Ray Montez. She spoke to Ray on the phone and told him that now he has plenty of time to prove Vanessa set him up. Hmmm, Ray will be making a return appearance in Llanview, so we’ll see what happens. In the meantime, Tea shows up at Todd’s house with a Christmas gift; a seashell that she saved from when he stranded her on that island. Gee, what a pleasant memory. Would that make you want to run to help someone like Todd?

Do we have to keep watching Todd dream about Marty? I’m sick of it, but Marty is cooking up some serious punishment for Todd and she shows up for real at his house. Oh Marty, please get away while you can and try to get on with your life!

Clear across town, Cristian shows up at the café to inform his family that he is getting married. Carlotta is overjoyed that Cristian and Sarah will be getting married. Oops! Sorry Mami, but your beloved, idiot son Cristian is marrying Vanessa so she can stay in the country and nothing Antonio or anyone says can change his mind. I had to laugh when Carlotta let out her true feelings and said she didn’t want that bruja (forgive my Spanish spelling if it’s wrong, but I know that word means “witch”) marrying her son. Carlotta thinks her darling boys can do no wrong, but even she thinks Cristian has lost his mind.

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