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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for December 28, 2009

REFLECTIONS BY JILL - December 28, 2009


Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for December 28, 2009

Clint Buchanan

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2009
Well, isn’t Clint just the picture of sanity? I know, I know, he’s been hurt and humiliated. He is furious that he trusted Nora and Bo to go off together to take care of Matthew and they committed the ultimate act of betrayal against him. The arguments on both sides make perfect sense to me. Clint thinks he gave Nora and Bo every opportunity to come forward and admit their feelings before he married Nora. Bo reminds Clint that he did say he felt awkward about the marriage from the beginning. And Nora says that although she was denying her feelings for Bo, she did and still does love Clint. I don’t think Clint gave Nora a lot of breathing room after Matthew’s accident when all he wanted to do was get her hitched to him. Bo and Nora made the biggest mistake by not facing their feelings from the beginning. And let’s face it; I love everything about Nora’s character, but she has not been the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to her men since she and Bo split up years ago. Although I did love Sam Rappaport, even he lied to her in the end when after his death he admitted in a letter that he knew Bo was Matthew’s father all along.

There was a lot of blame on all sides, but the one thing I still stick to is that Clint never should have gotten involved with Nora because she had been HIS BROTHER’S WIFE! It was ridiculous that Clint thought it was okay and that he figured Bo was done with Nora. That’s never true. I’ve said before that I feel the same way about Rex getting involved with Stacy in any way, especially having sex with her. She’s Gigi’s sister and you just DON’T DO THAT!

So, it came down to Clint holding a rifle on Bo and Nora and saying some very stupid thing like, “What would Pa do if he found a thief stealing his filly? He’d blow the bastard’s head off.” Wow, that was nice Clint. What woman wouldn’t want to be referred to as a horse? Oh, and let’s not forget that he called Nora a lying, cheating, whore. Ouch!

Well, Bo finally got Clint to put the gun down, but now before Clint vowed to pay them back for what they did and we all know he will do his best to do just that. Clint has taken Asa’s place in every way since the old coot died and I’m sure that he will get as down and dirty as he can to hurt Bo and Nora.

In the wings Kim is waiting to soothe Clint’s feathers and she even gets him to come over to her place (her place?) for a drink or five. I couldn’t believe Clint would go over there, but he did and just as Kim thought she had him in her clutches, he let her know that he was onto her game and that he knew exactly what she was up to because he had checked her out. He got her to admit that Jared never interviewed her for he assistant’s position and that in fact she never even met Jared. She admitted that she did it all to meet him and that’s just what Clint needed to stroke his big old ego. But just when Kim thought her number was up, Clint assured her that he was not going to fire her. Oh geez, how pathetic is this guy? I can see him wanting some revenge on Bo and Nora, but with Kim? Ewww!

Bo and Nora take Dani and Matthew and temporarily move into The Palace. I know that Nora feels horrible about what she did to Clint and that she feels he is right about her tearing the Buchanan family apart, but that house is legitimately hers. Sure, she feels it belongs to Clint more than her, but I didn’t like her having to leave, just like I didn’t like Gigi leaving her home when Rex suggested they separate.

Speaking of Gigi, she goes up to Viki’s cabin to think about her life and who shows up but Schuyler. This guy is in love with her and he just can’t stay away. I think he definitely should stay away and give her some space, but he does the opposite because dear little Stacy convinces him that Gigi is alone up in the mountains and he would be a fool to pass up the opportunity to be alone with her. Gigi isn’t unhappy to see him when he shows up and when he realizes he shouldn’t have come, she convinces him to stay. Gigi is annoying me too, because she needs to sort out her feelings and having Schuyler there is not the way to do it. But he stays and it takes about five seconds for him to kiss her and she doesn’t fight it. He decides to stay and they start to decorate the place for Christmas. How cozy! What they don’t know is that Rex has also come up to see Gigi and he is standing outside the window of the cabin watching the whole Hallmark scene taking place inside. What a mess!

Meanwhile, back in Llanview, poor Nick (Didn’t I say I found him creepy from the beginning?) has come out of the hospital and manipulated Kyle into thinking he had nowhere to go. So Kyle decides to take him home to his place to recuperate and Nick is very happy playing the poor, dependent, ex-boyfriend. He wants Kyle back and he’s willing to play very dirty to get what he wants. He makes sure to let Oliver know how well he knows Kyle, what he keeps in the refrigerator, what kind of soap he uses in the shower, etc. Nick is the closest thing to a male Stacy there is. He’s doing a fine job of keeping Oliver and Kyle apart and although Oliver is jealous, he agrees that Kyle needs to take care of Nick, even if it cramps their style. The only one who sees through the whole charade is Roxy, of course, who warns Kyle to get rid of Nick before he ruins things with Oliver. Roxy is so smart, probably because she’s pulled every scam in the book in her own life, but Kyle doesn’t listen to her.

Roxy later finds out about Rex and Gigi separating and she blames Schuyler so she decides to throw him out of her hotel and that gives her the perfect opportunity to call Kyle and have him put Nick in Schuyler’s old room. Unfortunately, Nick intercepts the phone call and doesn’t tell Kyle that there is a place for him to stay. Just what we need, another manipulator in Llanview.

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