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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for December 22, 2008

REFLECTIONS BY JILL - December 22, 2008


Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for December 22, 2008

Tea Delgado

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2008
I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to Tea Delgado. Wow, she’s about as close to a female version of Todd as I can imagine. When she first popped into that courtroom and started pushing Todd to plead not guilty, I figured she was just another one of Todd’s delusional followers, like every other woman who ever let herself become involved with him, but it became obvious that Tea had an ulterior motive for placing herself in middle of this case. Who was she talking to on the phone, telling that person that she had everything under control and knew exactly what she was doing?

You just knew it wouldn’t take long for Todd to change his plea. Tea waltzed into that courtroom and like all soap opera defense lawyers, made everyone want to smack her. All she needed was to hear that Nora added rape to the charges against Todd and she was off and running. It was stupid of Nora not to anticipate that if she just stuck that little charge in after making her deal with Todd, it would cause her trouble. Even though Nora couldn’t anticipate Tea showing up, she should have figured Todd would have a shyster lawyer on his side. Tea jumped all over that rape charge and of course the judge gave her time alone with Todd to convince him that he did not rape Marty, that he was a changed man who was completely misunderstood and that he didn’t want to admit to raping Marty a second time. Poor little Todd was so remorseful over what he did to Marty that he was ready to please guilty to everything. Yep, that lasted for all of about five minutes. He knew that Marty was going to have to testify and he made an attempt to tell Tea that if she hurt Marty on the stand he would stop her, but his objections were mild and he sat there while Tea ripped Marty apart. Yep, he’s a changed man and loves Marty to death. He let Tea reaffirm his belief that he loves Marty and everything he did was to give her a better life. Where is the changed man?

So Tea proceeds to twist everything Marty say and ask her horribly intimate questions, all leading to forcing Marty to say that she was in love with Todd and indeed was not forced into sex with him but was the one who pushed him to make love to her. Well, that was about as nauseating a courtroom session as I’ve ever seen.

I felt sorriest for Cole, who had to sit in the courtroom and listen to Marty’s testimony about sex with Todd while Tea just added to her emotional destruction. I thought Tea was pretty disgusting when she was questioning Marty, but her most despicable moment was when Cole approached her and asked her how she could possibly defend Todd after what he did to his mother. Tea just calmly stood there and asked Cole, “Haven’t you ever done anything you’re sorry for?” OMG, was Tea actually in her right mind when she asked this poor kid that question and even vaguely compared him to Todd?

I think the scariest person to deal with is going to be Marty. She’s on the warpath and didn’t make any bones about it when she approached Tea alone in the courtroom about her defense of Todd. Tea sure had all the disgusting lines last week, especially when Marty confronted her and Tea asked her, “Are you angry at me for defending Todd or are you just jealous that at one time he was all mine?” Ewwww! Getting sicker by the minute! Marty gave Tea a good, hard slap and she deserved at least that much.

I had a good laugh when Tea decided she’d have no trouble getting Todd bail. Hey, they finally got a judge who is at least 50% honest, so after admitting that he was aware of Todd’s past and denying bail, I had to applaud even that tiny point for the prosecution’s side. The laugh of the week was hearing Tea say that Todd was not a threat to society. I also liked Nora’s line when the walked out of the courtroom and Nora felt she had to take Tea down a peg or two and warned her, “Watch out Tea, Todd has already punched you I the face once. What do you think he’ll do to you if you lose this case?” I can’t wait to find out what Tea’s motive is in coming back and setting herself up as Llanview’s great defense lawyer, but some say it has something to do with Ray Montez, who will be coming back to Llanview. Oh boy!

As if dealing with Tea defending Todd wasn’t enough, she insinuates herself into Cristian’s life by convincing him and Vanessa that she can convince the judge they should be married, keeping Vanessa in the country. Now Tea is Vanessa’s lawyer. And speaking of Ray and the clan he dragged to Llanview with him, I wanted to give Cristian such a big slap. How stupid can he be? Sure, just like Todd was going to do the right thing and take his punishment for what he did to Marty, Cristian made a decision that he couldn’t possibly hurt Sarah by marrying Vanessa so that she and Lola could stay in the country. Why do these correct decisions last for only about five minutes? Just as you knew that Todd would please not guilty, you knew that Vanessa wasn’t going to accept Cristian’s decision to let her be deported back to Colombia and come on, it’s just a matter of finding out who she paid to slip that note under Cristian’s door, threatening her and Lola’s lives. That’s all it took for Cristian to decide he had to be the big hero and without even a glance at Sarah, he told the judge he and Vanessa were in love and getting married. The thing that bothers me most is that Sarah didn’t tell him to take a hike right on the spot. Instead, she shows up and volunteers to be a witness at the wedding. Am I crazy, or is something wrong with this picture? We know that Sarah is leaving Llanview, but let’s let her have some dignity.
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