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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for December 15, 2008

REFLECTIONS BY JILL - December 15, 2008


Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for December 15, 2008

Robert S. Woods (Bo)

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2008

Judy97 writes: “It would be funny it Drake Hogestyn did come to OLTL. And it's not such a great stretch either. Isn't he a friend of Bob Woods? And he tried out for the Yankees too so he would fit right in with the rest of the cast. Please tell me Cristian isn't as stupid as he seems to be when it comes to Vanessa. I thought he had much more sense. I just know she'll start her crying routine and ask him to marry her so she doesn't get deported. Of course he would say yes. He does seem to think he owes it to her. And I thought Dorian sunk to the bottom of the barrel when she harassed Marty and John like that. And I let out a cheer when she told Dorian she was just like Todd. And she had the nerve to deny it.”

Dear Judy: I would love to see Drake Hogestyn come to One Life to Live. I always thought that if TPTB were going to hire another actor to play Ben, Drake would fit the bill. I know he has a family and several children and his life is very firmly based in California, but you never know. I have to admit that before I lost my head over Ben Davidson, I had a multi-year crush on Drake. That John Black character definitely floated my boat, if you get my drift. He was a fan favorite for over 20 years on Days of our Lives and although I was never shocked that he didn’t win an Emmy, he had that major hero thing going on and I was crazy about him. I have no idea if he is a friend of Bob Woods but I do remember that as a young man he played on a Yankees farm team. Now, as for Cristian and Vanessa, yes, Cristian is behaving like an idiot and he doesn’t realize that just saying he loves Sarah is not enough; his allegiance to Vanessa is over the top and I’d probably say that yes, he is as stupid as he seems in this case. We’ll see what happens now that Vanessa has proposed, but Cristian definitely needs a wakeup call. And what can I say about Dorian, except that she believes herself to be the perfect Lady of the Manor, but many times she sinks very low and behaves in a way that would make many people refer to her as gutter trash. Unfortunately, she and Todd do share some unpleasant traits. Todd also thinks that because he has money he can rule the world, while he’s selfishly hurting people all the time. Dorian does the same thing but tries to cover it with a classy exterior. It rarely works.

Jerilyn writes: “I am just wondering now that the writers have had Cole think his mother died, but she really didn't, and then his baby died, but she really didn't, will his father come back alive after Cole thought he was dead? I really feel sorry for Cole!”

Dear Jerilyn: I feel really sorry for Cole, too. He’s been through so much, starting with losing his father, whom I don’t see coming back. Cole is lucky that he has a great support system. Nora is like another mom to him; he can totally count on John to be there for him as a strong man in his life; and he has Starr and her family, who thankfully can welcome Cole into their home now that Todd is out of the picture. It doesn’t look like it is going to get easier for Cole to deal with Marty’s condition because she is hell bent on revenge and if she pursues the road she’s heading down, she won’t even be the woman Cole knew as his mother.

RUSTYANNE writes: “By the way, how much jail time will Jessica get? Let's see, attempted murder of two people, blackmail and kidnapping. What are those great writers going to do with it? That should be fun, not even a slap on the wrist.”

Dear RUSTYANNE: Did you really think that Jessica was going to jail? She wound up where all the criminals in Llanview wind up. Although she literally does qualify as a criminal, her mental condition is well documented and recognized so I don’t see her going to jail, but I don’t see it being realistic if she returns to her regular life very quickly. I guess once the baby-switching dilemma gets solved, she will be able to start healing, but then she’ll have to deal with losing another child since she did go through a terrible time when little Megan died years ago. Realistically, Jessica should be out of commission for a long time, which means that she’ll probably be “back to normal” by New Year’s Eve. LOL!

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