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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for December 15, 2008

REFLECTIONS BY JILL - December 15, 2008


Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for December 15, 2008

Tea Delgado

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2008
Well, Tea Delgado is back in town and guess what? She wants to represent Todd against all those lovely charges Nora has in store for him? I guess Tea is not in the market to make too many friends this time around and she might not even keep the ones she has. Yeah, yeah, yeah, everyone is entitled to a defense no matter how disgusting they are, but Todd’s defense usually involves a shifty attorney who will do anything for the exorbitant amount of money Todd is willing to pay him. Tea says that she always knew that Marty was in Todd’s head and that’s why he’s never been able to have a successful relationship. She is annoying me already.

Tea was way out of line when Cristian arrived at the café with Sara and Vanessa and she immediately said she knew Vanessa was Cristian's girlfriend because she was the type of woman he always goes for. That was awkward to say the least, as in open mouth insert foot. Tea couldn’t even quit while she was ahead (or behind) when she kept making it worse by saying how much Vanessa looks like Roseanne. Tea is quite obnoxious already. And you just knew someone was going to suggest that Vanessa marry an America to stay in the country. Tea conveniently just happens to be practicing international law so she was able to confirm in about thirty seconds that Vanessa was indeed no longer married to Ray Montez. What did Tea think would happen when she suggested that Vanessa find an American man to marry? I sure wasn’t surprised when Vanesssa asked Cristian to marry her, were you? Any guesses as to what Cristian’s answer will be?

Now Lola is terrified of being sent back to Colombia with Vanessa and she tries to get Langston to hide her. That was a brilliant idea. Who knows better than Langston about how hiding out doesn’t work? Maybe Lola won’t have to worry if Cristian goes along with Vanessa’s ridiculous plan.

I was glad that Tea got at least a little flack from Antonio and Talia, even though it didn’t change her one-track mind. She doesn’t seem to care what Todd has done. Her initial thought about using a “love defense” since Todd claims that his love for Marty drove him to what he did, was ridiculous as well as nauseating. Antonio reminded Tea that she always had a soft spot for Todd because she saw him as damaged goods. I’m sure she didn’t need to be reminded.

Right now, Todd isn’t interested in Tea defending him. Poor Toddy tells Tea that he doesn’t need her to defend him because what he did was indefensible. He says, “What’s the big deal about jail if you’re already living in hell?” OH, BOO HOO TODD! Todd is so down in the dumps over all the people he’s hurt, including Marty, that you’d think he’d be willing to do anything to try to make things right, wouldn’t you? Come on! This is Todd Manning we’re talking about. He’s always thinking about an angle to help himself and this time is no different. It was evident when Nora went to Todd and offered to give him 25 years in prison as opposed to life, if he would confess to everything he did. Nora, more than anyone, would like to put Todd back in that death chamber, but as a human being (which Todd is not) she just wants to do what will end this nightmare for Marty with the least amount of heartache and keep her from testifying in court about what Todd did to her. Oh sure, Todd loves Marty so much that he was jumping out of his skin to accept the deal Nora offered. NOT! Todd can’t possible take Nora’s deal and make things less painful for Marty because it wouldn’t be less painful to him. He conveniently changed the subject and asked to see Marty. This guy is crazy, LIKE A FOX!

The saddest part of is all is that Cole is suffering because his mother is someone he doesn’t even recognize and it is hard for Marty to think about anything but revenge against Todd. Cole was obviously disappointed when Marty told him she wasn’t going to Hope’s funeral, but I was glad that later on she showed up at the cemetery to at least give him a little support. That was a lot for Marty and thanks to Todd, she can’t focus on getting back her memory and moving forward with her life with the people who love her because she is focused on revenge. Something tells me that Marty will be the next resident at St. Ann’s. She certainly needs some professional help and who could blame her for freaking out?

It only fueled Marty’s fire when she ran into Reverend Andrew and she asked him to tell her about their past. Marty learned just the kind of person she used to be when Andrew told her that she was interested in him way back when and he wasn’t interested in her, so she sullied his name by telling his congregation that he was gay and that he molested a young boy. Marty was appalled at hearing that, but Andrew assured her that they got beyond it and became good friends. He also told her that she shouldn’t dwell on revenge. However, all Marty could see was that she needed to get back to being that person who could do terrible things because it would help her get back at Todd. Todd certainly left a legacy of destruction behind him this time, worse than ever before.

Is there anything sadder than watching people burying a tiny baby? That funeral was heartbreaking. I felt terrible for poor Starr. This is way too much for anyone to handle, let alone a 16-year old. It was good that she got some private time with Andrew because it seems like he helped her a little when she asked him about losing his child with Cassie. He told her that sometimes our worst pain has no rhyme or reason whatsoever and that in time you learn to get through these terrible things even though you never forget. Starr told Andrew that she feels responsible for everything, starting with sleeping with Cole and setting Todd on the warpath in the first place. Andrew reminded her that everyone around her loves her and wants to help and she’s lucky to have everyone.

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