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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for December 7, 2009

REFLECTIONS BY JILL - December 7, 2009


Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for December 7, 2009

Natalie Banks/Buchanan

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2009
The funeral moves on to the cemetery and again, I have to give a big round of applause to Melissa Archer. She made Natalie one of the most sympathetic, saddest widows I’ve ever seen and she made me really feel Natalie’s pain, even if I didn’t have a lot of emotion invested in Natalie and Jared’s marriage. She just didn’t know how to say goodbye to Jared and stayed behind to be with him after everyone moved on to re-bury Nash. Ugh, can you believe how morbid this is? Two sisters both having lost their young husbands and burying them on the same day; that’s about as sad as you can get.

I have to say that I cried right along with Natalie as she lied down on the coffin and talked to Jared about their past and how they fell in love and she could only console herself by imagining she was back at the ranch where they first fell in love.

Meanwhile, over at Nash’s grave, Jessica had to relive that horror all over again of putting Nash to rest. How much is she supposed to take? Thank goodness she has Brody and her family, especially Viki, because she’s going to need a really big arsenal to deal with Mitch, who by the way can’t wait to meet his little granddaughter, Bree. The sad think is that there are children involved now, like Bree, Shane, Hope and Stacy’s unborn child (Mitch must know that the baby isn’t Rex’s child). How do you explain a monster like Mitch to a kid? Shane is already terrified of him and they haven’t even met. And even Stacy got the scare of her life when Rex warned her about Mitch. But hey, who cares what Mitch does to Stacy? I think Shane made his dad’s day when Rex told him about Mitch and Shane sat there and said, “I’m sorry he’s your dad. You deserve to have a great dad like I do.”

Mitch doesn’t stop once he’s in jail. I hate the way everyone feeds his ego. Bo is the smart one, reminding everyone not to give Mitch the audience he wants, but even Bo has to pause when Mitch reminds him that he knows about him and Nora. Bo smartly just turns and walks away, but Charlie is not so smart. He goes to see Mitch and has the ridiculous notion that Mitch is going to tell him why he killed Jared. Charlie needs answers but instead he stands there in the jail while Mitch continues to taunt him about how he is the one who killed Jared by abandoning him years ago. Mitch is relentless and he even figures out that Charlie is carrying around a bottle of liquor. It didn’t surprise me; Mitch knows everything (which becomes tiresome after a while). Charlie not only gets no satisfaction from his visit to Mitch, but it drives him right back to Jared’s grave where he finally gives in a takes that drink. So begins Mitch’s tour of destruction.

Back in Seattle, things are heating up at the jail as Ross gets taken from his cell and Todd decides to break his silence (too bad) and talk to Tea about Dani. The first thing Todd tells Tea is that he hates her more than he has ever hated anyone and that he will never forgive her for keeping his daughter from him. Hey, that’s quite a statement since he hates so many people. Tea tells Todd that she tried to tell him the truth so many times and that she didn’t even know Dani was his until she had a DNA test. Todd just won’t understand her deception and says that even after he supposedly married her she couldn’t tell him the truth. It amazes me that Todd can scam and hurt everyone he knows and supposedly loves; yet there is no way to justify anyone else doing the same thing.

Tea reminds Todd that she wasn’t too keen on letting him know he had a child after his history with his other children, such as the time he gave Jack away as an infant because he didn’t think he was his child; like the time he tried to kill Margaret Cochran when she was carrying Sam; and then there was that little episode when he pushed a pregnant Starr down those stairs because he hated her being with Cole. Sounds right to me. Tea also reminded Todd how much she did for him when she came back to Llanview and how she stood up for him and defended him when he had no one on his side. Tea is still just a fool who thinks that reasoning with Todd can make him see anything but his own selfish agenda.

Ross manages to get a gun away from one of the guards at the jail and now he is in full violent mode. He heads out and no one knows where he’s going, but they know he is looking for Dani. Dani is at the hospital hiding out in Matthew’s room because she has run away from the CPS people. Ross has made his way to the hospital with the gun, determined to take Dani away with him and when Dani finds out that Rachel and Greg are headed for Matthew'’ room, she hides under the bed.

Destiny is present for this whole scene and she is clearly jealous of the relationship Matthew and Dani have developed. Destiny acts like the immature girl she is and since she hasn’t been able to get rid of Dani any other way, she hits the lever on the bed, forcing Dani to jump out and reveal herself. Things go from bad to worse because Rachel and Greg go outside to report to Tea that they have Dani, but Ross rushes in with the gun and takes Dani and Destiny hostage. He tries to explain to Dani that he wants her to be with him and her mother won’t allow it, but Dani is worried about the gun.

By this time, Todd, Tea, Eli and the police have arrived at the hospital but their hands are tied because crazy Ross has a gun and he walks out of Matthew’s room with Destiny and Dani at gunpoint. They all back off; Ross makes his way to the elevator and let’s Destiny go while he escapes with Dani.

I can’t wait for Todd to get back to Llanview and confront Blair. He now knows from Tea that Blair knew about him having a daughter and kept it from him because she thought it would send him back to Tea’s arms.

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