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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for November 30, 2009

REFLECTIONS BY JILL - November 30, 2009


Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for November 30, 2009

Matthew Buchanan

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2009
Matthew is still in the hospital in Seattle and so far doesn’t have any feeling in his legs. Back home, Destiny, Shawn and their parents decide they will do something to cheer up the Buchanans so they bring Thanksgiving dinner over to the mansion. Clint decides he can do even better so he ships them all off to Seattle to be with Greg, Rachel and Matthew. (Of course with all that food and a short ten-minute flight from Pennsylvania to Seattle nothing could go bad.) Clint stays behind to be with Jessica and Natalie. So Bo, Nora, Matthew and the whole Evans family are having dinner in Matthew’s room when Destiny accidentally drops a fork on Matthew’s leg and he actually feels it. Finally he will start to recover and I thought it was very cute when Destiny finally got to put those new sneakers on his feet.

I’m getting dizzy from all the travel, but back in Llanview, Viki, Charlie, Jess, Brody and Bree finally realize it is Thanksgiving and Viki has no dinner for anyone. Yeah, like that’s all she has to worry about. But never fear. The doorbell rings and Moe and Noelle show up with dinner, which thrills Viki and they bring along Rex, Gigi and Shane.

Dorian only wants to celebrate her victory but Starr puts a damper on that and reminds Dorian that she only got the job as mayor because Jared was killed. Starr reminds Dorian that she can’t celebrate when Viki’s family (her family) is suffering and mourning Jared’s death. So they all decide to head over to Llanfair as well. I just love Starr and what a beautiful person she grew up to be and yes, I do love the holidays on soaps.

Dorian gets a moment alone with Viki and gently (as gentle as Dorian can be) informs Viki that she will be taking over as mayor. Viki is surprised, but she doesn’t get into any verbal sparring with Dorian, who seems to have some compassion for Viki’s problems. Dorian assures Viki that she will be a good mayor and Viki says, “Yes, I think you will Dorian, if you choose to be.” Dorian got Viki’s meaning; that’s for sure.

Like Natalie, Charlie is in so much pain and he disappears from the house for a while. Viki is relieved when he comes back and tells her he went to an AA meeting. Good for him. It’s so hard for Charlie and he keeps being tested, like when he was cleaning up the dishes and was confronted with a half-full wineglass. Thank goodness he dumped it out, but will he be able to hold on?

Thanksgiving ended with Viki reading a beautiful poem, which touched on the lives of everyone they know in one way or another.

Even though it was a short week, there was a lot of action and when anything brings loved ones together on shows instead of them getting shot at and blackmailed, I’m all for it.

See ya next week.



Pat writes: “Maybe it would help the fans if they did some sort of 'dream' showing Nora going out on that ledge to talk Bo back inside. Isn't that when they met? They loved each other even when Bo said he couldn't forgive her for sleeping with Sam. He looked so sad that day. Remember?”

Dear Pat: Yes, I do remember. It sure has been a long time since that happened and it’s hard to believe that it has taken all these years for Bo to admit how much he has always loved Nora. Bo has always been a black or white kind of guy; no gray areas for him. The sad part is that he has never been able to make things work with another woman after Nora. Gabrielle came close, but that turned tragic in the end. I’m just thrilled that when he finally realized she was the woman he was meant to be with, she was still in love with him.

Alison writes: “I think the actress playing Danielle is perfectly cast. She looks a bit like Tea, has her fiery personality, is a good actor, and has chemistry with Eddie Alderson. I'm looking forward to their pairing, though I don't want Destiny to get hurt, either.”

Dear Alison: I totally agree about the young actress who plays Danielle. I don’t know how old she is but she is doing a really good job in the role. She really does resemble Florencia Lozano enough to play Tea’s daughter believably and she is a strong young actress. She doesn’t overact and she has fit into the storyline seamlessly. Ah, poor Destiny. I don’t want to see he get hurt either but I see her and Matthew as “destined” to be lifelong friends. Nobody has been a better friend to Matthew. If Matthew and Danielle are headed for a relationship, I just hope that Danielle is nothing like her mother and that she gives Destiny the respect she deserves as Matthew’s best friend. Hopefully the time away from Tea has made Danielle learn on her own how to be a kind person, devoid of her mother’s devious tendencies. And lordy, let’s hope she never exhibits personality traits of being Todd’s offspring.
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