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REFLECTIONS BY JILL for November 26, 2007



Kendall writes: “I felt it necessary to comment on your recent discussion of Natalie. I think many people need to go back to the beginning and recall why you were a fan of this character in the first place. I know for me it was her feistiness, her fire, her vulnerability and yes, her flaws. At her best, she is loyal, honest, and clearly devoted. At her worst, she is jealous, hasty, insecure and irrational. It's this combination that makes her unique yet exciting to watch. These characteristics of Natalie have been lost over the past two years as she became all about John. What I see now is the return of the "real" Natalie.

Dear Kendall: I appreciate your assessment of Natalie and I don’t disagree with much that you said. However, I did not immediately like Natalie for what she was when she first came to Llanview. She did some very hurtful things and it wasn’t until she started accepting the fact that her family wanted to bring her into the fold and give her unconditional love that I started finding her character very interesting and likeable. My problem with Natalie is that at this point, I think the writers give us too much of the old Natalie and not enough of the new. In my opinion she was exhibiting what you call her honesty, loyalty and devotion when she was with John. At the end of her relationship with John, she showed me that she had grown up and she wasn’t going to let him see that his emotional issues could hurt her any more. I have never really forgiven John for letting Natalie go the way he did and his later kind words to her don’t do much to make me change my mind. However, Natalie keeps doing things that are too much like the old Natalie, like kissing Miles to make John jealous. Her behavior at the ranch with Chuck was awful and embarrassing and I think most self-respecting women would agree, or at least I hope they would. Natalie just has to do more moving forward and less regressing.

Linda writes: “I'm for Bo and Lindsay and I love Viki and Charlie, what we've seen of them.”

Dear Linda: I can’t agree about Bo and Lindsay though. They have too much bad history between them and Lindsay has done some nasty things that should make Bo skeptical about any romance with her. He can be her friend and help her get through her problems, but I think he deserves better than a woman who could never really be trusted. Let’s not forget that Lindsay has already killed two men. I can’t really trust her. I, too, am having fun watching Charlie and Viki. Watching Viki let loose and enjoy herself is always fun. Charlie is no Ben, but hey, he’s a far better catch than Clint in my book.

Alison writes: “As a viewer of OLTL for 38 years, I have to comment on your saying Todd, Blair, John and Marty are the most boring combination that you could think of. I really disagree on this one! I'm surprised because I know you like John and half-like Blair and Marty. The humorous bantering between Todd and John, the one guy who can usually put Todd in his place, is amusing. I would think you would like to see that, Todd getting put in his place! I also personally like John with Marty, who I feel is far more suited to his maturity level than Natalie is, though I agree John and Natalie had some spark.”

Dar Allison: Maybe for me it’s not that Blair, Todd, Marty and John are so boring. It’s just that I don’t care enough about these couples to have them dominate my hour. Although I have come to accept Marty in a lot of situations on the show, I think her romance with John just isn’t a good fit for me. I don’t think they had enough of a relationship for her to go running after him and it just doesn’t feel right to me. It just seems so much more storyline driven than character driven. John doesn’t seem to have matured emotionally very much if at all, yet he has taken Marty and Cole under his wing and has taken Marty to bed. Hmmm, I’m just not feeling it. As far as John and Todd being comedic partners, in the past I have enjoyed their witty repartee, but lately I think I am so disgusted with Todd that even when I would normally get a chuckle out of him, it just doesn’t happen for me. Most of the time I really do like Blair and I continue to care about her because her light side, for me, is much brighter than her dark side is dark. There are a lot of things that are inherently good about Blair, even though she can be vicious when she feels threatened or angry. She has a good heart and in spite of the way she grew up, she knows how to love well. The only thing about her that really rubs me the wrong way is when she uses sex to get what she wants from men. I hope that aspect of her personality is behind her, but somehow she wouldn’t be Blair without it.

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