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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for November 3, 2008

REFLECTIONS BY JILL - November 3, 2008


Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for November 3, 2008

Jared and Natalie

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2008

I want to say thank you to all of my readers who wrote in to tell me that I was wrong when I wondered how Vanessa got that gun on the plane when actually she picked up the hit man’s gun after John shot him. Guess I was distracted for a few seconds. Oops!

Jamie writes: “I don’t know if it is just you, But I LOVE Jared and Natalie together. They have much more chemistry than Natalie did with John. And I think Bo will be more upset at Clint than he will be Jared. Especially since Bo knows that Jared was right about Natalie being missing.”

Dear Jamie: Nope, it is not just me. There are tons of Natalie and John fans out there who just pray for the day this couple is reunited. I just don’t see much chemistry between Natalie and Jared. It’s not that I don’t find Jared good looking and probably a good match for someone else, but I think John and Natalie sizzle together and have a bond that neither of them has found with anyone else. Also, on a “hot scale” of 1 to 10, John is about a 15 where I find Jared to be about a 6 or 7 and here’s why. I have nothing against bad boys, but I appreciate when they learn their lessons and move on and Jared, in my opinion, did a very stupid thing by agreeing to do Clint’s dirty work and get Ray out of prison. I thought his reason was weak; Natalie would have mended fences sooner or later with her family without Jared playing a pawn for her father. John has it all; he’s good looking, sexy, mysterious, and a totally honorable man. For me, that combination can’t be beaten and pairing him with Natalie, who is a bad girl who really wants to be good, works for me.

Marcie writes: “Here is yet another comment about Todd and his descent, once again, into the pit of loathing. One part of Todd that I admired and liked in the past was his love for his children and Starr's total devotion to him, no matter what. Now this baby storyline has completely ruined that relationship on both sides. He almost kills Starr by pushing her down some stairs and now wants to break her heart by lying to her that her baby is dead (what could be worse!) and stealing her baby for himself. How sick is that?”

Dear Marcie: I can’t even describe how sick I think Todd is. It has been a very long time since I believed he had a decent bone in his body. He stopped caring about his kids when he started caring more about creating his own little fantasy world where he believes he can call himself a “better man than he used to be.” He’s not fooling anyone but himself and before too long, Marty is going to find out the truth and I won’t feel a bit sorry for Todd. Even though I never thought he was a good father, I used to believe that he loved his kids, but once he started hurting Starr, who was the one person he loved most, I lost all hope for him.

Catherine writes: “I'm still fast forwarding through most of the scenes with Todd and Marty. Every once in a while I linger there and it is just too 'gag me'. Will this story line ever end? I have to echo a lot of the complaints about the general inanity of the characters. Week after week of listening to one character say to another, 'what do you mean Jess isn't quite like herself?' And then Jared finally finding Natalie and opening the door, and instead of yanking her out and dragging her to the hospital for any whiplash related injuries, he blithely steps inside and turns his back to the door. Mercifully, Tina and her David Vickers obsession have provided some comic relief (not enough to justify axing Nash). Todd has become a cartoon monster. At least Adriana is finally stepping out of the picture. Thought she'd never leave!

Dear Catherine: Yes, “gag me,” says it all where Todd is concerned. And I totally agree about Jared not getting Natalie out of that room, but hey, if he did the smart thing and yanked her out, we wouldn’t have to endure this storyline for so long and the writers can’t live with that. I agree that this time around Tina is a little bit more tolerable, but I, too, hate the fact that we lost Nash for what I think are ridiculous plot lines. I agree about Adriana, too. Gee, it’s about time we got rid of her. With Dorian, Tess and Tina around, who needs another self-centered villain on the canvas?

Joanne writes: “Thank you so much for commenting positively on Markko and Langston. I love that couple and have endured a year of seeing them marginalized and underused. Their sweetness and commitment touches my heart. It's nice counterpoint to the lies and betrayal that otherwise dominate the show. Jason Tam and Brittany Underwood are very talented, especially Jason. I hope but don't have faith that TPTB will develop these characters further.”

Dear Joanne: I really like the young people we have on the show an hopefully, Langston, Markko, Starr and Cole will have good storylines coming up, especially with Starr about to give birth and Langston involved with her newest family members. It is not often I enjoy the storylines written for the young actors on soaps because they are usually nothing that all age groups can relate to. The young storylines on OLTL are different and I’m happy to say that I approve.
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