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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for October 26, 2009

REFLECTIONS BY JILL - October 26, 2009


Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for October 26, 2009

Jared and Natalie

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2009
Well, Jared is certainly in a world of hurt. And exactly where is he? Natalie and John head for the Buchanan lodge and oops, Natalie just happens to stumble over Pamela Stuart’s dead body. John finds Jared’s wallet at the lodge, but no Jared. And as much as Natalie loves and wants Jared to be innocent, even she knows that the cards are quickly stacking up against him with the dead bodies of Landers and Pamela turning up and Jared is not there to provide any kind of explanation.

I do feel sorry for Natalie. She has never been able to get a break when it comes to relationships. Although I think she and John belong together, I would say that she was totally happy when she married Cristian (although that marriage lasted about five minutes). Anyone in a relationship with John knows they are destined to a life of pulling teeth when it comes to him opening up, but I think Natalie was the best match for him yet.

Anyway, everyone is looking for Jared and Natalie is panicking because she wants to find him first and get him to turn himself in, or so she says. She goes to her brother Rex and asks him to do some P.I. work for her. She explains the situation with Jared and seeing how desperate she is, he agrees to help her find Jared with the only clue being a matchbook from a hotel that is hours away. This really screws up Rex’s plans with Gigi, but we’ll get to that later.

Someone is still stalking Jessica and calls pretending to be Nash. Brody won’t be around to help out right away because he got a mysterious call from his sister Nadine in Michigan and all she told him was that she needed him. Brody didn’t want to go since he hasn’t had much contact with Nadine but Jessica tells him to go to his sister. Is this part of the setup to get Jessica in a vulnerable position?

Let’s move on to Blair. Wow, I have to say that the writers are giving us enough of a dose of Blair’s mean streak to make us forget that she has any decency in her at all. As I have said before, I am no fan of Tea Delgado’s, but I think Blair’s jealousy, possessiveness and hatred when it comes to Todd and Tea make for a horrible combination and she seems to have no qualms about unleashing the nastiest part of her personality. I think it’s over the top at this point.

Todd has the brilliant idea to bring in Marty to hypnotize Blair so that she can remember the secret she knows about Tea. We all know that Todd has a sick connection to Blair that somehow can never be broken, but we also know that Todd’s motive is self-serving. He wants to know that secret and he probably wouldn’t lose sleep over Blair’s memory loss if it had nothing to do with him. Blair takes a nasty attitude with Marty because even though she knows John was never going to be with her for the long haul, Blair can’t stand Marty for many reasons, the latest being that she now has John.

Blair finally agrees to let Marty hypnotize her and wow, Marty must be a magician because it took her about three minutes to get Blair to go under and remember every word that transpired between her and Tea about Tea’s baby. Of course Blair relives the whole scene from before she went sailing out the window and now Marty knows that Tea and Todd had a child together whom Tea is keeping a secret. Silly Marty just assumes that now that Blair has her memory back, she will tell Todd the truth. LOL, Marty maybe a good shrink, but you would think that after all these years she would not be surprised that Blair would refuse to tell Todd the truth and would hang on to that juicy little secret until just the right time when it would serve her best.

Marty warns Blair that secrets have a way of coming out (duh) but Blair doesn’t care and she pulls out the confidentiality card, threatening to end Marty’s career if she divulges what she learned in their session. Like I said, Blair is just too nasty these days and I won’t feel sorry when her scheme comes back to hit her in the face.

Meanwhile, Todd (who loved Tea to distraction five minutes ago) has decided that he no longer has any use for Tea and is lovingly stuck to Blair’s side. Of course this doesn’t bother Blair one little bit. I don’t think there is any difference between Blair and Tea at this point. Neither one of these women has any pride and will resort to any underhanded method to gain Todd’s attention. How sick is that? Blair lets Todd take her home from the hospital and fawn all over her and although he is disappointed that the hypnosis didn’t work (yeah right) Blair plays the injured little woman saying she hopes she will remember and asks Todd to help her upstairs so she can lie down. Oh, give me a break! I thought that even Todd would be smarter than to fall for Blair’s damsel in distress routine. Blair fakes taking a nap and fakes having a dream where she remembers everything from her encounter with Tea. Oh, but the only thing is that Blair doesn’t tell Todd the truth about his and Tea’s child; NO, she makes up a beauty of a story about how Tea revealed that she and Ross were plotting to scam Todd and get all his money. Todd seems to fall for the whole thing and Blair laps up his attention like a little kitten. And then to top it all off, Blair moves in on Todd and they start making out. Ewwww! Ick! It made me absolutely sick! I think Starr was right on the money when she was talking to Cole about her family and said, “They are a freak show riding on a roller coaster in a house of horrors.” I’d say that sums it all up very nicely.

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