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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for October 14, 2008

REFLECTIONS BY JILL - October 14, 2008


Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for October 14, 2008

Jessica/Tess Brennen

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2008
Tess is way overconfident in her plan and having Natalie write her that letter telling her that she is starting over since leaving Jared behind and making new friends was really over the top. Jared has been suspecting Tess is out for a while and he already told Bo about it before he even met up with Tess and read the letter from Natalie. Jared was smart to play along with Tess and say he finally realized from reading the letter that Natalie meant business and was ready to let her go. To top it all off, Jared ran into the carpenter who built the room in the basement for Tess and it didn’t take much for him to give up Tess’s secret and tell Jared about the room. That was really too easy.

Back at Llanfair, Tina has decided that she can’t let Natalie stay locked up any longer and tells her she’s going to get her out. How funny was it to see Tina heading for the basement with a sledgehammer to break Natalie out, just as Tess was walking in the door? Hey, at least we have a little bit of comedy to take our minds off the stupidity of this storyline. I was surprised to see that Tess was so easily fooled when Jared made her believe that he knew nothing and was defending her against Tina. Tess needs some new material; did she think that chip and dip poison thing would work. She almost begged Tina to eat the stuff and it was no surprise that Tina said, “You first.”

What a comedy of errors. Tina finally tells Jared where to find Natalie and while Tina patrols the kitchen, praying while clutch a butcher knife to keep Tess away, Jared heads down to the basement and finally finds Natalie. It’s too bad that Natalie kicked the glass in frustration and hurt her foot so when Jared finally gets the door open, she won’t be able to run. How ridiculous! At least Jared and Natalie will have each other for company once Tess finds them. Oh, and of course Cain walks into Viki’s kitchen to confront Tina at the same time Viki is walking though the front door. Can this get any dumber?

Okay, on to the hospital. Poor, sad, mean, nasty Adriana is being her usual self-centered, spoiled little girl self and won’t let Gigi or Shane in to see Rex. She wonders why Rex won’t wake up and she even realizes that he wants Gigi at his side and is frustrated that he can’t speak because of the ventilator down his throat. Marcie tries to be the go-between and tries to convince Adriana that Rex and Gigi love each other and that she should let them have their family and be together, but all Adriana can ask is, “When did I become the bad guy?” She became the bad guy when she started resorting to her mother’s tactics to get what she wanted at any cost. Even after she admits everything she did, even sending Brody that toothbrush with Rex’s DNA, she still wouldn’t admit that she did this to herself. Adriana says she loves Rex and Marcie reminds her that Gigi and Rex also love each other and all Adriana can say is, “I know how she feels but I just don’t care.” That just about says it all for Adriana. Marcie asks her if she loves Rex enough to give him back to his family and right now I think the answer is no; she still loves herself more although she will come around. Rex was not able to breathe on his own without the respirator and his condition won’t improve until he hears the miraculous voice of his beloved Gigi. LOL!

This week I have to give a major round of applause to Ilene Kristin for her incredible portrayal of Roxy, a distraught and desperate mother who learned very late in life the meaning of a mother’s relationship with her children. Roxy does all but get on her knees and beg Adriana to give in and let Gigi see Rex in the hopes of saving his life and all Adriana can do is say, “Shut up Roxy” when Roxy says, as no one can, “Wake up and smell the garlic.” We never get to see enough of Ilene and I just want to say how much I appreciate the little airtime she gets and that if anyone deserves a contract, it is she. I think a little more Roxy and a little less Todd would be a treat.

See ya next week.


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