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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for September 14, 2009

REFLECTIONS BY JILL - September 14, 2009


Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for September 14, 2009

Todd Manning

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2009
Wow, along with the nastiness, we got a good dose of violence thrown in to the show last week, with poor Shawn being dealt the worst blow. And I have to wonder what kind of bionic parts Todd Manning’s body is made of. This guy has been beaten up and punched in the face so many times that it is hard to believe he is still recognizable. He has been pummeled so many times (most well deserved) and let’s not forget that before he was shot in the leg this time, he was shot in both knees by Margaret Cochran before she kidnapped him to that mountain cabin several years ago. I’d say “poor Todd” but you know me. He’s just lucky that it wasn’t his little snitching mission to the mayor that got Starr and Hope kidnapped. He’s lucky the mayor already knew Cole was working under cover.

So, Sergei and his band of thugs walk right into La Boulaie with their guns blazing and let Starr and Todd know that the jig is up. They know Cole was working undercover for John and now they want blood. Todd, who is only selfless when his children are in a life and death situation, tries to deal with Sergei with no success. The only thing he manages to do is annoy Sergei more and get himself beaten to a pulp and locked in a closet while Sergei and his men proceed to kidnap Starr and Hope. Shawn tries to save the day and heads upstairs to save Hope from one of the thugs, but he is shot and left for dead. Just as Sergei (who was also beaten up and left for dead) gets back on his feet and is about to take off with Starr and Hope, Shawn miraculously comes down the stairs to try save them, but is shot again almost fatally.

John and Fish, who are a the police station with Cole and Marty, can’t get Starr on the phone and head over to La Boulaie to find the horrible mess. They get Shawn to the hospital and retrieve Todd from the closet, but they still don’t know where Starr and Hope were taken. Ransom calls start coming in on Cole’s phone from Starr’s cell phone and Sergei wants a jet and $1 million. Yeah, like that’s happening. Fish is hard at work tracing the calls with his handy dandy high-tech equipment and he narrows down Sergei’s location but doesn’t know in which warehouse he is holding Starr and Hope.

John finally drags in that little creep, Asher, who figures his goose is cooked when they inform him that the mayor is in jail. Asher finally gives up the location of the warehouse and they decide to put Brody on the mission to rescue Starr and Hope because he’s a former Navy Seal.

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Shawn makes it through surgery but the doctors find some bullet fragments on his scans that could kill him. Greg is devastated over what happened to his brother and we finally get to see a human side of him. Rachel, who found out the news as she arrived at Todd’s house to break up with Shawn, heads over to the hospital and feels terrible because she was going to break up with him before he could even try to sweep her off her feet. Rachel’s confrontation with Greg led her to admit that although Shawn is a great guy, he is not the one for her, but she tells Greg that just because they are attracted to each other, that doesn’t mean they can explore that. Let’s see how long that lasts. Shawn’s parents have also arrived and of course, they have heard tons of great things about Shawn’s girl, Rachel, and they love her instantly. Rachel is really in a pickle now and Greg tells Shawn that he needs surgery to remove the fragment or he could die at any time. Shawn is not thrilled at the prospect of surgery, or of his brother operating on him, but he decides to do it. Poor Shawn.

Did you love watching the mayor get arrested as much as I did? Oh, that was a beautiful thing to watch, especially since John let him make a total fool of himself at his debate with Viki before he smacked the handcuffs on him. Viki just let the mayor rant on and on. Of course before the debate the mayor proposed to Viki that they have a clean and respectful debate, which Viki wholeheartedly agreed to. But it didn’t take the mayor thirty seconds before he was whispering to Viki, “When I win you can come work for me; I can always use a secretary.” OMG, this was too funny. They mayor proceeded to begin the debate by ridiculing the fact that Viki comes from a rich family that thinks they are entitled to everything and he even went so far as to make a joke about her alters. The mayor was only getting started when he switched gears and starting ranting about the Llanview Police Department and how the first thing he’s going to do when he’s elected is get rid of Bo Buchanan and John McBain.

Viki quickly reminded the crowd that the crime rate definitely went up during the time when the mayor fired Bo and put Lee Ramsey in his place. This didn’t stop the mayor and he got even bolder when he saw John walk into the room. The mayor started taunting John, who very leisurely strolled up to the podium and said, “Stanley Lowell, you are under arrest.” I just about died laughing and laughed even harder when I saw Dorian’s face. I wonder how Dorian will spin her devotion to the corrupt mayor when she throws her hat in the ring and runs against Viki.

Didn’t you just love it when the mayor was dragged into the police station and had to face Bo, Nora and John? Oh that was sweet. Of course good old Stanley Lowell has to put on a good front and claim that he will beat the charges. What a fool!

Thank goodness Nora and Tea didn’t have to be locked up together for too long. Nora was furious with Tea for what she did to Rachel on the stand and Tea couldn’t stop making excuses for herself about why she did it. Even after she apologized to Nora, Nora told her that there is no forgiveness once someone goes after her kids and that she is dead to her. I don’t blame her. Tea tried to make the same excuses to Rachel when she confronted her and I was sorry that Rachel gave in and admitted that it was probably a good thing that she had to face her demons in court. I don’t think so. Rachel didn’t need to confess everything on her mind to Tea.

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