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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for September 8, 2008

REFLECTIONS BY JILL for September 8, 2008


Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for September 8, 2008

Natalie Balsom

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2008
Poor Natalie will be in trouble again. She catches Tess with the diamonds that Tina stole from Mendorra and lets Tess convince her not to call the police yet. Sure, Tess wants to use the jewels to blackmail Tina into keeping her secret once she gets Natalie down in that basement. I guess if you want Tina to fall in line, that’s a good way to do it. So, naturally Tess drugs Natalie’s tea so that she’ll pass out (how original) and Natalie will finally figure out what happened to her and the reality that Tess is out will hit her, but what will she do about it? Jared is in Colombia doing Clint’s bidding (dumb Jared) and all I can think of is, wouldn’t it be great if just one more time John could be the one to save Natalie? Hey, he’s used to it and nobody does it better. He is already suspicious of Jessica and she did drop that hint on him that she was hoping Natalie wouldn’t run away to escape her problems. John and Blair think at this point that they are in a relationship without commitment, so what the heck? I can live with John coming to the rescue.

See ya next week.



RustyAnn writes: “John (the saint and savior) makes my skin crawl. I love Todd. I hope super cop leaves soon; maybe I'll watch the entire show again. Before he leaves, I want to see Marty marry Todd.”

Dear RustyAnn: Well, if John makes your skin crawl, I certainly don’t think you should watch him. We wouldn’t want you to suffer any discomfort over a soap opera. As far as Marty marrying Todd, please, don’t make me lose my appetite. All I can say to someone who would like to see a woman married to a man who participated in gang raping her is that I think we’re all much better off knowing that, as appalling and incomprehensible as it may be, there are people walking this earth who think it would be a good idea.

Sheri writes: “I am almost afraid to ask, but the spoilers and teasers keep saying Todd is going to lash out and then he will have to suffer the consequences of his actions. Well, we all know, everyone but Todd suffers from his actions. My fear is that Starr is going to lose the baby. Do you know anything?”

Dear Sheri: Of course Todd is going to do something even more outrageous than he’s already done and even though I usually don’t think he can get any worse, he always does. Marty is going to regain her memory and for sure the truth will come out, but I have complete faith that even though Todd will pay for what he’s done, he will bounce back to create more havoc as soon as he can come up with some fresh ideas for terrorizing Llanview. I don’t know anything about Starr losing the baby. Before the writers’ strike, we were reading reports that said eventually Michael and Marcie would get Starr’s baby. Now I think that is all up in the air and I have no idea what the plans are for the baby, for Starr and Cole, or for Marcie and Michael. Who knows? Whatever looks grim today could turn on a dime tomorrow.

Kitty writes: “Now Todd is blackmailing Starr's doctor. It amazes me that every person in Llanview is keeping a horrendous secret that Todd always finds out about and therefore he is able to get what he wants. It blows the mind. I think this time, since Todd asked to be notified when Starr comes in to deliver, his plan will be to make the doctor tell Starr the baby died and then Todd will take it away and put it somewhere until Starr deserves, 'in Todd's warped mind', to have it back. Watching Todd hurts! Listening to Todd hurts! Looking at Todd hurts! It is so sad. However I must comment that TSJ is doing a great job with the character.”

Dear Kitty: Yes, it goes without saying that Trevor St. John is doing an incredible job in the role of Todd Manning. If he weren’t, I wouldn’t want to strangle Todd every single day. I think your scenario about making Starr believe the baby died is very plausible and something that Todd wouldn’t hesitate to instigate. It is also not that original which means it will probably happen. LOL. Todd is certainly disgusting enough to do that, especially after he gave his own son Jack away at his birth.

BMConway53 writes: “I just have to say that I LOVE Blair and John together. She's sexy and he's gorgeous! They are the perfect couple unlike John and Natalie. She is too boyish for my liking and I didn't see any chemistry there. Good job to OLTL for making Blair and John a couple.”

Dear MBConway53: Actually, I agree with you about the chemistry between John and Blair. I like the fact that they started out as friends and didn’t just hop into bed with each other right away. I think John and Blair really care about each other; John thinks Blair is a good person and doesn’t deserve the life Todd has given her and Blair sees in John an honest man whom she can rely on and trust. They are also very physically attracted to each other and I can understand why. The perfect couple? Is there such a thing? I don’t agree with your assessment of Natalie. She is about as far from boyish as I can imagine. Maybe it’s her tough shell that makes her seem that way to you, but she is a smart young woman who, in my opinion, has a really good heart Natalie’s problem is that she has let her heart blur her good sense especially when it comes to men. She also really wants the love of her family and that’s why she is accepting of Tess’s strange behavior. She wants to be back in Jessica’s good graces more than anything. Ultimately, I still think the connection between John and Natalie is the kind that neither of them has found with anyone else and I still wish they could be together some day.

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