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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for August 25, 2008

REFLECTIONS BY JILL for August 25, 2008


Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for August 25, 2008

A Martinez (Ray)

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2008

Kitty writes: “I am so happy that A Martinez is coming to OLTL. I totally agree with you about what a wonderful addition this will be. I also was a huge, huge fan of Santa Barbara and still think it was the most intelligent, all around entertaining soap I've ever watched, until the last few years when they brought in all the new people who had no real connection with the people in Santa Barbara. It was a sad way to ruin a wonderful soap. Cruz and Eden were soul mates and no matter what they suffered, they always came back together again. There were so many funny lines on that show, wonderful actors, wonderful characters, great chemistry, well written, best soap ever; characters you could hate one minute and the next they'd have you rolling on the floor. I would love to see it run again.”

Dear Kitty: I couldn’t agree more. Santa Barbara was one of the best soaps I’ve ever watched and I’ve watched them all at one time or another. It was unique in ways no other soap ever was and I, too, was very sorry to see it go off the air. There wasn’t a whole lot that was funnier than Augusta and Lionel Lockridge. I adored Louise Sorrel and Nicholas Coster on that show. I’m happy that we’re getting A Martinez on OLTL and I would love to see Santa Barbara picked up and run on Soapnet. That would be a double dose of goodness. Those who missed Santa Barbara the first time around would get a real treat and we’d get to enjoy it all over again.

Valfan writes: “What happened to OLTL bringing Kevin and Joey back? Did they scrap those plans? I was looking forward to seeing Dan Gauthier again!”

Dear Valfan: I’d love to see Kevin and Joey back in Llanview, too. It seems like their return was talked about a lot before the writers’ strike and I haven’t heard anything since that time. I hope we get those Buchanan boys back. I miss them and hey, their lives couldn’t be any weirder than their sisters’ lives, so I say, bring ‘em on.

Below is a mini-review of the One Life to Live Fan Club Luncheon that was held on August 16th. A fan named Myra wrote in with a little summary of her maiden voyage to the luncheon and was kind enough to share a little bit about her experience. I’m sure that those of us who have attended on other occasions have felt the way she did about which actors showed up and which ones disappointed us by staying away and let me just say that I am SO GREEN WITH ENVY that I missed being one of the loving fans who was there to greet that hot and wonderful guy, A Martinez. I love that he showed up before he even appears on the show. My thanks go out to Myra for writing in and we’ll be looking for your photo in Soaps in Depth. I can only imagine what fun winning that raffle on your first trip to the luncheon must have been.

Myra writes: “My niece and I attended the fan luncheon for the first time. It was wonderful and seeing all the soap actors in their “out of title roles” was a real treat. However, I need to make this comment on how we were very disappointed that quite a few soap actors did not attend. This was very upsetting to us. I know for a fact that this luncheon is booked one year ahead of time. My question is why couldn’t the actors pencil in the luncheon date on their calendars? What would it take to give four hours of their time to meet the fans that support them, adore them, and spend money to make the trip to NYC to see them? (We came from Buffalo, NY) Also, many of the actors were scheduled to appear, and they cancelled. Its not like the luncheon is a last minute invitation. They have one year to coordinate their schedule so they can attend. Enough said on those actors that did not attend. To the actors who did attend, KUDOS! It was a thrill of a lifetime to meet them, photograph with them, and listen to their answers during the Q & A session. I will use their character names for the following comments: Antonia and Talia did a wonderful job as emcees. Both have such warming and friendly personalities. Thank you ‘STARS’ for treating us fans for attending the luncheon. Todd, Rex, Gigi, Brody, Jared, Jessica/Tess, Nora, Lindsey, Clint, Starr (a real star), Marko, Langston, Cole, and welcome A Martinez and thank you for attending, Matthew, Shane, and Carlo, who gave a speech to thank the fans for our support. Mr. Thom Christopher was so appreciative of the fans and is one class act that cannot be beat. Catherine Hickland brought tears to our eyes when she told a fan that she would personally call her mother knowing that the fans mother was a huge fan of hers. This gesture of “Lindsay’s” was overwhelming to the crowd. Bottom line, who needs the “actors” who did not attend when we had our Stars for four hours? In conclusion, I would like to mention that I was the lucky winner of the raffle. I had my choice of a star to be photographed with for ABC SOAPS IN DEPTH magazine. I chose John Brotherton (Jared). He was so warm and friendly to me, which made the trip well worth it.”

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