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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for August 24, 2009

REFLECTIONS BY JILL - August 24, 2009


Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for August 24, 2009

David Vickers

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2009
I love having Tuc Watkins back on the show because he is providing humor, which we expected from David Vickers, but he is also providing a great history lesson for anyone who hasn’t always watched One Life to Live or just can’t remember all the crazy details.

It made me just sit back and laugh every time David made one of his little speeches about the wonderful citizens of Llanview, reminding his prospective reality show viewers about the sordid lives of everyone in town. So, if you don’t have a really good memory, you have now been reminded that: Nora was married to Bo and cheated on him to give him a child; that she has a daughter who is a drug addict and that she later married a homosexual serial killer. You also know that between Viki and Jessica there are nine personalities, which David thinks makes for great television because he gets nine actors for the price of two. Oh, and poor Natalie wasn’t left out when David looked into the camera and told everyone that she (the trailer trash relative) and Jared (the crook who passed for a Buchanan) were fooling around when they thought they were uncle and niece and oh yeah, Jared pushed Jessica’s husband to his death. I can’t even remember all of David’s tirades, but I loved being reminded of just how dysfunctional the citizens of Llanview are.

Poor David. What’s a frustrated actor to do when he needs to get his reality show off the ground and he needs a rich, demented family with a mansion to make it work? Dorian sure didn’t want anything to do with David’s fame and fortune when she was blessed with being the first rich, crazy person with a mansion he approached. I loved it when he went to Viki, thinking that he could cash in on their friendship and use her family as his subjects. I was surprised that she didn’t throw him out sooner when he told her that he could fill his whole cast with only hers and Jessica’s personalities. Who could be as politically incorrect as David and get away with it?

So, he moved on to his third shot at getting a cast for his show and he hit pay dirt with the Buchanans, or so he thought. Imagine Nigel’s20surprise when David showed up a the door with a camera crew and brought up the fact that Nigel was behind keeping the secret that he is a Buchanan and that they tied David up half naked in the barn to keep the secret.

Things just went from bad to worse at the Buchanan’s as David made his presence known and Clint had to deal with him. Clint just wanted David out of the house, but David refused to leave until he saw his daddy, Bo. Clint had just about all of David that he was willing to take and he proceeded to sign the release form allowing the taping, but then went and got his rifle to shoot David. Clint never actually shot David, but he sure wanted to. Then Bo and Nora came back to the house after a very tough day in court with Matthew and things just went quickly further downhill. David wouldn’t shut his mouth and I found it strange that Matthew was kind of on his side and gave him a thumbs up on the reality show until I was nearly blown away when we found out that not only has David been paying Tea for Mat thew legal fees, but Matthew was the one who approached David to do it. And, Matthew signed off on the reality show, too. It seems like David isn’t so rich because he spent a lot of his money from his “Have a Seat” commercials on Matthew’s legal fees. Nora was beyond shocked that David did this and even more shocked that Matthew asked him to, but Matthew just said, “I was desperate.” That was all it took for Nora to lose her mind and go after David’s throat. Needless to say, by the time David was starting to talk again, Clint was ready with the rifle because David was going on and on about how Bo and Nora love each other and belong together and how Clint stole his father’s woman. You know Clint can’t stand that thought and with that, David took his exit.

Now, let’s talk about the court case. Tea again has to deal with Elijah, Bo and Nora’s lawyer, who tells her that she had better withdraw her case and when she refuses, he presents her with some kind of letter which mu st have had some proof of what her secret is. It turns out that Elijah is working for Ross Rayburn, who was stranded on that island years back with Todd and Tea and he has something on her. Tea is terrified of her secret getting out, but she doesn’t let it deter her from the case. She decides to have Matthew testify and he gave good testimony as to why he wants the surgery, while Tea took everyone for a stroll down memory lane of all the sports Matthew used to play and how he could no longer play because he was in a wheelchair. When it came time for Elijah to cross examine Matthew; he quickly pointed out that Matthew doesn’t have the good, mature judgment to make a decision about the surgery because it was his bad judgment in the first place that put him in that car with Cole, without a seat belt, while Cole was on drugs and even when Cole warned him to get out of the care, he refused. Tea quickly made things better when she redirected and made it clear that Matthew has learned from his mistakes and carefully thinks through his decisions now. Matthew’s testimony was enough for the judge to decide that the case can go forward.

I have to say that I find Destiny to be a very annoying character. Yes, she is a very loyal and devoted friend to Matthew, but she doesn’t know her place when it comes to dealing with the adults in her and Matthew’s lives and she speaks up when she should shut up. She is smart but still very young and too immature to see the grey areas in life.

Speaking of Greg, I wish the writers would back off on this push and pull attraction between him and Rachel. He is obnoxious and only knows that he wants Rachel and in spite of his inappropriate behavior in moving in on a girl his brother wants, it seems like Rachel won’t put up a fight for long. I don’t care for them together at all and Shawn getting hurt is not something I want to see.

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