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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL


When asked about marriage to Adriana, John Paul said he doesn’t see Rex being the marrying kind any time soon.

When asked about whether or not she will be back on Broadway, Kathy Brier said that although it is her first love, it is not easy to get a part on Broadway. It took her six years to get the last one and it may take six years to get another, but she does love working on the soap as well. She also said that she was disappointed in Michael and Marcie’s wedding, but for Michael and Marcie, a tornado was just par for the course.

Bree Williamson spoke about Jessica’s integration and fans said they missed Tess. Bree said that Jessica would be a good combination of both.

And finally, when Ilene Kristin was asked when Roxy was going to sober up and get herself a man she replied (I suppose as Roxy), “I’ll take any man, drunk or sober.”

The rest of the day was for autographs and photos and all the actors hung around patiently seeing every fan. All in all it was a wonderful day and as I always say, if you can manage it, every fan should come to this event at least once. It’s so much fun and seeing the actors and meeting other fans makes for a very special day.

See ya next week.


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