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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for August 20, 2007

REFLECTIONS BY JILL for August 20, 2007


I wonder if Phil Carey was at home watching everyone in Llanview bid Asa a fond farewell and I wonder if he thought the episodes were as good as I thought they were. They did a great job of sending Asa off to the big ranch in the sky and although both Thursday’s and Friday’s episodes were great, I must say that I didn’t stop crying all through Thursday’s episode. I never had too many good words to say about the old coot, but Asa did get a fine sendoff.

Oh poor Nigel. I’ve always considered him the fourth Buchanan son. Or would that be the fifth? Yes, the fifth. It was so sad when Nigel went up to bring Asa his breakfast, realized he was gone and just sat down in the chair staring into space. Nigel is the ever-professional gentleman’s gentleman and it would have been nice to see him finally break down, but he stoically maintained his composure as he went downstairs and had to tell everyone that Asa had died in his sleep. I thought the show did an excellent job of showing us how each person was told about Asa and how they reacted. I’m hoping that we get to see more of Renee and Nigel dealing with Asa’s death. I don’t think anyone knew or loved Asa as much as Nigel and Renee. After all the trouble Asa made and got into over the years, those two people loved him and stood by him through it all. Well, Renee divorced and remarried him a few times, but she always came back.

I loved seeing some old friends and family members back in Llanview. I loved the scene where Viki and Clint were waiting at the airport and then Cord, Joey and Kevin came off the plane walking towards them in slow motion. It was good to see Cord again. Seeing Dan Gauthier was kind of strange because it feels like Kevin never really left and was just away for a while. He never should have been let go from the show. And best of all was having Nathan Filion back as Joey. I don’t know what anyone else thinks, but for me, Nathan was the best Joey the show ever had and it was wonderful to see him back in the fold, if only for a couple of days.

It was interesting to see Max back in town and not making trouble, although I thought those scenes between Blair and Max were just too weird. Max hasn’t been in touch with Blair for a long time and all of a sudden he sees her at Asa’s house, plants a big kiss on her and tells her he wants her to come back to Argentina with him. I died laughing when she mentioned that she had a life in Llanview and kids and he said to bring them along. Maybe he has a memory problem, but he should think again about that offer considering the fact that Starr did everything she could to wipe him off the face of the earth when he was with her mother.

And we can’t forget to mention the comic relief in the wake of Asa’s death. In walks Alex Olanov and she’s a laugh a minute every time she opens her mouth. I died laughing when Renee opened the door to her and she said she forgave Renee for not notifying her of Asa’s death. I laughed even harder when Matthew said to Renee, “Grandma, who is this” and Alex looked dead serious when she looked at him and said, “I used to be your grandmother.” I was totally surprised that Alex waited a whole five minutes to inquire about when they would be reading the will.

I found Blair’s reaction to Asa’s death very interesting. She was so upset about it. Could it be that she was looking back at all the crazy mistakes she made in her life and having some regrets? Well, she can’t be having that many regrets because she’s still hanging around with Todd. And speaking of Todd, he is as obnoxious and disgusting as ever. It was pure Todd when he heard about Asa’s death and said, “This day just keeps getting better and better.” It was obvious how demented he really is and how he doesn’t care who he hurts when Viki lost that card game to Dorian (more later) and Todd put Viki’s picture on the cover of The Sun with the headline “Big Loser.” If that was Todd’s way of getting back at Viki for letting Miles live in her house, it was a pretty lame and thoughtless thing to do.

And the Kramer women were true to form, starting with Blair, who in spite of her sorrow over Asa’s death, walked up to the house, spotted Max and Cord and said, “Well, well, well, flip a coin boys and see who gets to hug me first.” But even better than Blair’s entrance was Dorian’s. Of course she was more interested in how she looked than the fact that the man she supposedly loves just lost his father. When I saw her in that get-up with the black flouncy dress and big hat I thought, “Oh, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm is going to a funeral.”

It was good to see Sarah finally confront her father. It’s too bad that one of her parents can’t be around to guide her a little bit. Cord would be a good addition into her life right now. It was good to see Sarah find a bit of her conscience when she felt ashamed that she had been back in Llanview for weeks and was only coming to see Asa for money and now he’s dead.

And did we need to waste Nathan Filion’s time on OLTL with Joey reminiscing about his affair with Dorian. I hated wasting time watching that scene where they talked about the fact that they still think of each other, Joey obviously more than Dorian. And have we ever heard that Joey decided no longer to be a minister. I think he still was one when he left Llanview. I loved the scenes where All of Viki’s kids were together and remembering funny things about their grandpa and dancing around to his favorite song while Viki and Clint looked on. Asa did a lot of bad things and was bad in many ways, but when Joey reminded everyone that Natalie was really the only one with Buchanan blood, it brought out the fact that Asa gave them all a lot of love during his life and always treated them as his own.

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