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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for August 18, 2008

REFLECTIONS BY JILL for August 18, 2008


Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for August 18, 2008

Back in 1968 - Gigi/Emma

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2008
I am officially sick of 1968. They better finally get Rex and Gigi back to the future this week because I shocked myself by fast forwarding through some of those inane scenes last week and I have never fast forwarded before. I am sick of watching everyone playing someone else; I am sick of Jared’s (Clint’s) ridiculous sideburns and over the top southern accent; and I am even sick of the things I thought were funny a couple of weeks ago, like Nigel as a rancher and Spencer as an obnoxious little boy.

The only bright spot left in this storyline is Delphina/Dr. Fina. Sorry, I don’t remember the name of the actress who plays this role, but she is hysterical, especially as Dr. Fina. She just cracked me up every time she opened her (or should I say his) mouth. Other than that, I have nothing else to say about this failed storyline. Now we know that Bo made I back to 2008, but Rex and Gigi are stuck on the other side. Or at least we think they are. I just want it all to be over.

Well, the reunion between Tina and Cord was short, wasn’t it? I was going to say short and sweet, but it wasn’t. Cord sure got a surprise when he walked into Llanfair to see Sarah and found Tina standing there. I guess Sarah left her parents alone in the hopes that they could work things out together but Cord wasn’t having any of it. Obviously, Tina and Cord still love each other, but as the grown up in their relationship, Cord knows that they can’t be together. He was furious when he heard the whole story from Tina about how she posed as the Princess of Mendorra and put Sarah’s life in jeopardy for her own gain. As much as Tina professes her love for him and feels that since he loves her, too, they can try to start over again, Cord makes his feelings very plain to her. He knows she hasn’t really changed a bit and it was evident when he said he didn’t trust her and said, “You’re still looking for your lost treasure and I found mine a long time ago when we had CJ and Sarah.” Cord said good-bye and left and Tina was devastated. It was the first sign of true emotion I’ve seen from her since she got back to Llanview when she collapsed in tears after Cord left. But I have no fear; once Tina takes a minute to run her fingers over her jewels again, she’ll recover quickly. And by the way, where is CJ and why do we never hear about him?

I am getting very tired of watching Tess take over Llanfair and walk around like the nut job she is, while everyone else looks stupid believing she is Jessica. Are we supposed to believe that she will have that idiot contractor down in the basement building a soundproof room and no one will know it’s happening? Blair did see Jessica/Tess meeting with the contractor at Rodi’s, so maybe that information will be useful in the future. Blair did wonder what Jessica was renovating. Tess is not even trying to make everyone think she’s the sympathetic Jessica and I don’t know if that’s what the writers intend, or if they just don’t realize that this storyline is totally unbelievable. Between the clothing and the attitude, there is not a trace of Jessica in this storyline.

Last week proved to be annoying in a lot of ways. Why should we care that Clint’s old flame, Dallas, is back in town. She and Clint broke up a long time ago and all of a sudden she’s in town with the hope of helping Clint. She walks right in on Nora and Clint kissing and asks if she’s interrupting something. Not that I give a hoot about Nora and Clint’s love life, but what is the purpose of having Dallas around? How does she figure into things? And Nora just couldn’t resist looking like the jealous girlfriend when she asked Dallas how long she’d be in town and if she wanted Clint back. That was beneath Nora. Of course, Dallas says she’s not going anywhere in a hurry. I liked when Nora reminded her that she didn’t come to Llanview to be with Clint when Asa died, but she’s there now. Lucky us!

I guess that Clint’s idea of going after Dorian means her family is fair game. I was quite surprised when Clint made that phone call (probably to a private detective) and asked for any information he could dig up on Langston. I guess this will lead to bringing her uncle to town later this month and whatever the reason, I will be happy to see what A Martinez brings to the show as Langston’s uncle. If Clint tries to go after Dorian at the expense of Langston, that will be a new all-time low for him.

John is the interim commission while Bo is “somewhere out there.” Wouldn’t it be lovely if John could find a reason to lock Todd up as his first item of business? It’s bad enough that we have to watch Todd cozy up to Marty as her buddy, but having to watch her lovingly treat him like her friend and savior is disgusting. Todd hasn’t given any thought to what he’ll do to get himself out of this once the truth comes out because in his true egotistical fashion, he doesn’t think he’ll ever be exposed.

So it wasn’t bad enough that we had to endure Todd and Marty together and then Todd has the nerve to sneak in Starr’s bedroom window. It’s ludicrous that he even thinks for a minute that she wants to hear anything he says. Sure, he wants to convince her that she will regret giving up her child some day and he knows this because he gave up Sam and regrets it every minute. Starr sees right through him and tells him so in no uncertain terms. She knows how much he hates Marcie and that he’s driven to keep Starr’s baby away from her at any cost. And wasn’t it kind of him to bring Starr a voodoo doll of Cole? Yep, he’s a really great and selfless father. NOT!

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