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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for August 14, 2007

REFLECTIONS BY JILL for August 14, 2007


I have always said that I love the scenes between those McBain brothers and usually it is the humor between John and Michael that I find fun to watch as well as endearing, but we witnessed some powerful scenes between these two brothers last week when John finally put two and two together and figured out that the big secret Rex and Michael have been keeping is that little Tommy is really Todd’s presumed dead son, TJ. You could feel the tension and cut it with a knife as John worked endlessly to connect all the confusing pieces of this puzzle. You could feel the fear in Michael when he knew that John was hot on the trail of the truth and you could feel his terror and despair when John finally figured it out and confronted him and Rex. It was hard to watch Michael begging John not to reveal the truth and ruin his life, while all the time Michael knew that John would ultimately do what he considered the right thing. You could say, of course, that Michael made his own bed by keeping Tommy once he found out the truth, but all I could feel was sadness for him as I watched him begging his brother whom he loves so much to keep his secret and not destroy his family’s happiness.

Michael Easton certainly held up his end of those scenes. It’s not often we see the kind of emotion in John that brings a tear rolling down his face (have we ever?), but it brought a tear to mine as I watched John deal with the choice between doing the right thing and breaking his brother’s heart. Certainly, John’s argument was 100% correct when he kept trying to remind Michael that no matter what kind of father he thinks Todd Manning is, that little boy is his son and he’s been trying to find him for a long time. It was hard for Michael to deal with, especially since he tried to justify what he did by saying that Todd wasn’t a great father and anyway, he already has two children. We all knew that this was coming. There was no way that Michael and Marcie were going to get away with keeping that child, especially from someone like Todd. I feel sorry for little Tommy being at the center of this fiasco and of course Michael is going to be devastated, but I’m not looking forward to watching Marcie as she processes everything in the midst of dealing with her infertility. I remember shedding a lot of tears when they were trying to adopt Tommy and it wasn’t easy for them. This is going to be so much worse.

And what is going to happen to Rex? I’m thinking that if he has to suffer legal ramifications from his part in the deception, he’d be a lot safer in jail than he would be out on the street where Todd can get his hands on him. After all, Rex was working for Todd and trying to find the baby when he found out who Tommy really was. Rex betrayed Todd on many levels and you don’t get away with doing that to Todd.

On a lighter note, I had to laugh at Dorian last week. Well, I always laugh at her, but I found it funny yet kind of sad that she is so insecure that she thinks every breath that Viki takes is an effort to break up her relationship with Clint or take David away from her. It was pretty funny when she went storming over to Llanfair and read Viki the riot act about David being in Martinique and having to take a real job to make money since Viki made him give back all those millions to Clint. Let’s face it, even if Dorian won’t. She’s still in love with David and who could blame her. Even though she has feelings for Clint, her main objective where he’s concerned is to stick it to Viki. David is her true love and this is just another excuse for her to blame something on Viki. Half the time Viki doesn’t even understand what Dorian is blabbing about when she goes on these rants because Dorian very rarely makes sense to anyone but herself when her jealousy comes out. I was glad that Viki told her she could gladly have Clint. I agree.

Good news! David will be back in Llanview in September. I’m thrilled and I hope he hangs around for a long time. Fingers crossed!

And while we’re on the subject of Viki, let me just say this. I love Viki. I can’t remember the last time she did anything that I didn’t think was smart, classy, kind, admirable, heartfelt and loving, but GIVE ME A BREAK! HAS SHE LOST HER MIND? I don’t give a fig about her sense of fairness and loyalty to her kids. She has to have lost her mind if she thinks it’s at all sane to give in to Natalie and let Miles stay on her property. At first I was cheering Viki on when Natalie came to her with that ridiculous proposition about Miles moving in. Viki gave her every good argument against letting Miles move in. I know Llanview is a small town, but I’ll never believe that a guy with a gazillion bucks like Miles can’t find someplace decent to rest his nasty bones. I couldn’t believe that Viki let Natalie break her down with that stupid argument about everyone deserving a second chance. And when Natalie threw Todd in Viki’s face, reminding her that she has given Todd dozens of second chances when no one else would, that’s when Viki should have shown Natalie the door along with Miles. It was totally ridiculous when Natalie said to Viki, “Maybe Miles is my Todd.” Natalie is making it very hard for me to take her side these days and I hope she wises up soon. Todd is going to be a busy little boy getting payback against everyone who has wronged him lately.

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