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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for August 10, 2009

REFLECTIONS BY JILL - August 10, 2009


Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for August 10, 2009

Greg Evans

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2009
I’ve had enough of Dr. Greg Evans already. It is obvious that he has his sights set on Rachel and when they run into each other at the bar during the wedding, she orders a glass of wine and he wonders about her drinking. She tells him she is an addict and once in a while buys a drink to see if she can keep control. He gets totally obnoxious about her being a woman who tries to keep control over everything (implying that she needs to let loose in other ways) and he gets way too cozy, telling her how beautiful she is and how great she looks in her dress. He is way over the line considering that she is seeing his brother and when he starts to go too far, she throws her wine in his face. Good for her. Greg implies that she dates Shawn because he’s safe and she won’t lose control with him. I just hope Rachel holds her grown and stays away from this creep. But who am I kidding? So few women in Llanview are making smart moves when it comes to men, that I am holding onto a tiny thread of hope that Rachel will be one of them and not take after her mother.

Of course we have to talk about Fish and Kyle. Layla and Fish are at home getting ready for work and she again apologizes for thinking he was gay. Cristian is lurking behind a wall and hears the whole thing. He puts together what he heard there with what he read in that letter Fish wrote to Kyle and he confronts Layla about her thoughts on the subject. She tries to convince Cristian that she and Fish did discuss the subject and she assures him Fish is not gay but Cristian is not convinced. I don’t think Layla is either. Cristian winds up at the cafe and runs into Roxy, who informs him that Fish and Kyle are out in the alley.

Oh boy! Fish and Kyle are out in the alley and Kyle is confronting him about the affair they obviously had in college. Fish tries to convince Kyle and himself that he is not gay and that their relationship was just experimentation, that he has moved on and even has a girlfriend. Kyle is very upset because he is convinced that Fish is avoiding the truth and he reminds Fish that they were lovers and that he still loves him now. Fish doesn’t want to hear any more, when all of a sudden Kyle grabs him and they start making out. Of course Cris has to head for the alley and he catches Kyle and Fish seriously kissing. Fish tries to say that Kyle attacked him and that he is not gay, but Cris tells him he doesn’t care if he’s gay, but he better tell Layla the truth or else he’ll do it himself. Fish makes a weak attempt to tell Layla the truth at the police station but he doesn’t do it. Big mistake! I do have one thing to say about Fish and Kyle. I don’t care at all that they are gay, but honestly, couldn’t they find a guy for Fish who wasn’t an unethical, law-breaking creep?

Stay tuned everyone! David Vickers is on his way back to Llanview and he is going to be filming everyone for his version of a new reality show. I’m hoping for some serious laughs!

See ya next week.



Lward4 writes: “Just wondering; if the fur vault was cold enough to keep the blood v viable, why was it okay to leave the door open? Don't they have security for expensive coats? Also Stacy strips down to her underwear in the same supposedly cold room? Wow! I can't get the picture of her semi-nude self standing over the bag of blood with those heels. EEEEEEWWW!"

Dear Lward4: EEEEWWWW is right. I could definitely have lived without seeing Stacy in her stripper underwear. And how do you think the woman who owns that coat would feel to know how Stacy used it? As for the security, if you remember, there was a guard at the door when Rex tried to get in and he even physically tried to keep Rex out. We’ll never know how Stacy got in there in the first place, but considering her underwear, she could have given the guard a major “TIP” to look the other way and let her in. Look how she got around Kyle when he was the lab tech and he’s gay!

Gwen writes: “How can Spencer Truman still be alive? Didn't Lindsay kill him?”

Dear Gwen: Did you just ask me how a character on a soap opera could be alive when we all saw that character murdered? I don’t have enough pages on this website to list all of the characters, good and evil, who have miraculously come back from the dead. Of course we did see Spencer killed and we know that Lindsay supposedly killed him, but that’s a mere technicality on a soap opera. That’s why these shows are the wackiest form of fiction there is and for the life of me, I don’t know why we keep watching, but we sure do it. I don’t know about you, but at the end of a trying day, I like a little mindless entertainment with my dinner.
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