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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for July 8, 2008

REFLECTIONS BY JILL for July 8, 2008


Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for July 8, 2008

Bo Buchanan

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2008
Did you think it was at all inappropriate that Bo decided that it was okay to get married on the day that Jessica’s husband was buried? Aside from the fact that it was Lindsay he decided he couldn’t live without (ick), I thought it was just about the tackiest thing he could do. And he’s so happy about it; hopping around like a boy on his first date. What has gotten into you Bo?

Far be it from me to gloat over someone’s misfortunes (lol, especially a villain), but I have been totally enjoying Lindsay’s joy over her impending wedding, while at the same time and unbeknownst to her, Nora has a copy of RJ’s letter and is about to bust her scam wide open. I know that Lindsay has her good qualities (few as they may be), but let’s face it, she’s been literally getting away with murder for a long time and she does have a lot of nerve thinking she can have this great life with this great man without having to pay for what she’s done. You just know that as much as Nora may want to do what everyone would like her to do, which is keep the peace and not reveal what she knows, there is no way that Nora can do anything but “the right thing” and in this case, I really like that about her.

I wanted to slap Clint (when don’t I want to slap Clint?) when he implied that Nora never got over Bo. Even if this is on some level about her feelings for Bo, I do think she has concerns about Matthew being around Lindsay, even though Matthew is smarter than all of the adults around him and probably wouldn’t be influenced by Lindsay. I thought Nora was going to do more than lose her lunch when Bo said he was going to marry Lindsay and I thought she’d just about fall over and die when Matthew suggested they have the wedding right there in her house.

The funniest thing was listening to Rex and Bo’s conversation when they talked about Adriana and Rex referred to another woman stepping up and stopping his wedding. Well, Bo and Rex are going to have a lot in common when Nora is done with Lindsay.

It was fun seeing Madame Delphina again. I always got a chuckle watching her, especially when she channeled Mel. It was interesting how they had her make a prediction about so many people and made them all stop and think. There was Langston, who was very touched to hear that her parents were watching over her and it was nice when Delphina used the name “Langsy”, a nickname that only Langston’s father used for her. Delphina gave Viki something to think about when she told her not to write Charlie off because there was more to his story. She warned Roxy to tell Rex the truth about his father. She made a believer out of a reluctant Blair when she told her she was mad about the divorce and got Blair too curious when she mentioned Todd with another woman. I hate that Blair even cares, but let’s face it, she always will. Delphina hit the nail on the head when she told Blair, “You have a soft spot, in your head!”

As usual, Dorian is out spreading cheer all over Llanview. We all know that next to becoming Viki, the most important thing to Dorian is money, so it was no surprise that she would finally want to get back at Brody for taking her money and then staying in Llanview. She hightailed it over to Gigi’s place to demand that Brody give back her money since he didn’t honor their deal. I know, using Dorian and the word honor in the same thought is ludicrous. I don’t care much for Brody, but I loved the fact that he turned things around on Dorian and told her that if she followed through with her threat to tell Shane who his real father is, Adriana would have to live with the fact that Shane is Rex’s son and she’d hate Dorian for life. I guess Dorian considered that for a minute then took her leave vowing that “this is not over.” After all the nasty stuff Dorian has pulled, it was good to hear that at least her dirty money went into an account for Shane’s education. Obviously, that was a gesture that really touched Gigi, but it didn’t change her feelings for Brody, since she is really in love with Rex and had to admit it. By the way, does Brody ever wear a shirt? The writers sure are reducing him to a piece of meat, aren’t they?

And what can we say about Tess. Honestly, I am glad that Nash has finally been buried because those scenes where she lied on top of the casket were just creepy. Natalie sure was gullible to believe that Jess was all of a sudden forgiving her when she showed up at her door to offer an olive branch to her and Jared. Natalie was desperate to get back in Jessica’s good graces so she happily grabbed at Jessica’s sudden offer of forgiveness, but I don’t think for a minute that Jared was buying any of it. It looked like he saw through Tess’s agenda right away. It will be interesting to see what happens and how he reacts to it. And it wasn’t enough for Natalie that Jessica appeared to forgive her. I couldn’t believe that Natalie couldn’t let well enough alone and asked Jess to forgive Jared as well because of course Nash’s death was AN ACCIDENT and Jared was so upset! I think it’s time to wipe that word out of Natalie’s vocabulary. Dorian sure let Natalie have it when Natalie accused her of being responsible for what happened to Nash and Dorian reminded her that she would never have succeeded in destroying B.E. if Natalie and Jared hadn’t provided her with the ammunition. Very true!

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