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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for July 6, 2009



Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for July 6, 2009

Roxy Balsom

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2009
Okay, here’s a question for you. If you were gravely ill and needed a stem cell donation, would you take your chances on living without a transplant or would you chance accepting that bag of blood that has been kept in mini refrigerators all this time and carted all over Llanview in a brown paper bag? This is just too stupid to be believed.

So, Roxy thinks she’s safe because she has that bag of blood in her little fridge at her salon but surprise, surprise, Nurse Charles shows up and all of a sudden Roxy doesn’t have her security blanket to save Shane any more. Nurse Charles lets Roxy know that she knows all about what she did, taking the stem cells from an unconscious donor and then killing him (we know he’s very much alive). Nurse Charles is now working for Rex’s daddy (Spencer?) and he has better plans for that bag of blood than leaving it in Roxy’s possession. Of course with Roxy in the picture we need some comic relief so she threatens Nurse Charles with a deadly flat iron to get the blood back. Hmmm, not such a good idea once the crazy nurse whips out a syringe loaded with a tranquilizer and gets the better of Roxy in about two seconds flat.

Back at Ultra Violet, Stacy walked in on Rex and Gigi right after Gigi told Rex the whole truth about her horrific sister. Rex believes Gigi’s story but he quickly realizes that he can’t let Stacy know that he’s on to her because she is the only link to where those stem cells came from and Shane might need them again. So Rex claims not to believe Gigi, tells her that he and Stacy are together and throws her out of his club. Gigi is shocked that Rex doesn’t believe her, but she leaves and Rex pretends to be with Stacy, who buys his act and thinks she has her true love in her clutches forever. Of course Rex can’t stand the sight of her and doesn’t want her touching him, so he leaves with an excuse and heads over to Gigi’s house where he lets he know that he believes her, that he is playing Stacy and they are finally reunited. Rex tells Gigi about his plan to keep Stacy at his side once they find out from Jared and Natalie that Roxy was involved in the whole mess and that even though there was extra blood drawn, Roxy no longer has it. They figure Stacy has the blood so Rex has to play along with her until he finds it.

Gigi is thrilled to have Rex back but she can tell that something is wrong and that he is holding something back. Rex has made the very bad choice not to tell Gigi he had sex with Stacy and his terrible guilt over what he has done is keeping him from totally embracing Gigi. He knows she didn’t sleep with anyone else and he is ashamed and angry that he did that and can’t erase his mistake.

Meanwhile, back at Rex’s place, Stacy is all dolled up and fixing one of her famous dinners for Rex. The only catch is that she really doesn’t cook and all her gourmet dishes come from a local caterer. Just one more nasty little deception on Stacy’s part. She opens the door to whom she thinks is a delivery person and is confronted my Nurse Charles who informs her that she is now the proud owner of the contents of the brown paper bag. Stacy is totally confused until Nurse Charles informs her that she is working for someone who wants Stacy to have that blood because he admires her and is a fan. Hey, who could be a fan of Stacy’s but someone like Spencer? Stacy just doesn’t get it at first, but Nurse Charles convinces her that having that blood and being able to save Shane’s life again if the need arises, is a good thing. Stacy wants to know who her benefactor is but of course the nurse won’t tell. So Stacy takes the blood and now has to find a place to keep it cool. This is ridiculous. Rex comes home and has to play the loving boyfriend but he searches the refrigerator for the blood and finds nothing. So, where is the little package now?

Stacy will probably figure something is up very soon because even though she paraded herself around Rex in her underwear, he faked having a headache so he wouldn’t have to touch her. How long will she fall for that? Stacy also doesn’t care for the fact that Rex didn’t tell Gigi they slept together and you can just guess how Gigi will find out that little tidbit.

We later find Natalie and Jared with Kyle, whom they have threatened with pressing charges again. He leads them to the clinic where they hope to find the donor but instead they find Renee in the hospital bed and she claims to be there for some plastic surgery. I wonder if there is more to this than meets the eye.

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