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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for June 30, 2008

REFLECTIONS BY JILL for June 30, 2008


Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for June 30, 2008

Roxy Balsom

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2008
I wonder how many apartments there are in Roxy’s beloved Angel Square Hotel. It seems like everyone lives there. Every time someone is without a place to live they wind up there and Roxy always has room. The latest tenants are Jared and Natalie. Gee, they’ve sure taken a step down from living in the two most sumptuous mansions in Llanview. It is no surprise that Jared has nightmares about Nash and that he is having trouble living with what happened. Although I know Natalie feels terrible about what happened (obvious from the way she broke down with Roxy), Jared seems to have a lot more remorse. Jared makes no bones about the fact that his original actions led to what happened to Nash because he was the catalyst that gave Dorian the ammunition she needed to achieve her nasty goals. Natalie has trouble living with the fact that Jessica has thrown her out of her life and all she wants to do it go to Jess to let her know she cares about her. Jared was right to persuade her to leave Jessica alone right now. Natalie might want to make amends, but she can’t do that right now. Natalie is upset that her family is disgusted with her, but is she sorry for the way she handled things? Would she do it all the same way again for the love of Jared?

So, RJ wrote Lindsay a letter (for a former career criminal, RJ was pretty dumb to put that stuff in writing) and told her that he understood now that she only wanted him as a friend and that she belonged with Bo. I was very surprised (although I shouldn’t be) that Natalie insisted on going to the funeral. I have a hard time accepting Natalie’s attitude when she talks about her need to say good-bye to Nash. It’s not all about Natalie right now and I don’t like to dwell on her shortcomings, but I’m very tired of her trying to convince even Jared that everything was an accident and all Dorian’s fault. No matter who is to blame for what happened, I think that the only important person on the day of that funeral was Jessica and the only thing to consider was her feelings. Natalie can’t even imagine what Jessica is going through and the writers make it very hard for viewers like me to sympathize with her when her actions seem selfish. Jared was right when he said he didn’t think they should go but obviously he can’t say no to her so they went. Oh boy! That worked really well, especially when Roxy opened the doors and Jessica got a full view of them from the front of the church.

I can’t say for a minute that I blame Jessica for what she did next. Natalie and Jared had no clue that they were being led to the slaughter when Jessica cordially invited them to come and sit in the front row. I couldn’t imagine what Jessica could say that wouldn’t be a repeat of what she said to them before, but she emptied her heart out in that scene and it wrenched a bucket of tears out of me. Jessica was beyond grief-stricken when she let loose on Jared and said, “Do you enjoy what you did to Nash? He came to you before the board meeting and thanked you for helping him out and forgave you for everything. He told you that you were a good man. He humbled himself to you. Were you laughing at him all the time? He forgave you for buying the vineyard out from under him. He had to go to that horrible man for money. Then the truth about you came out. He was already dead before you pushed him. You killed his soul!” For me, regardless of Nash being responsible in a major way for what happened to his business, Jessica was speaking as a woman who is devastated by the loss of her husband and the father of her children and she felt betrayed by Jared and the sister she loved and trusted. As I have said before, Nash may have deserved to lose the vineyard because of bad business decisions, but bad business decisions didn’t kill him.

As far as Natalie goes, yes, I know she is in love with Jared and obviously for her, that comes first. I can even go so far as to understand that she was thinking with her heart, but my understanding stopped cold when she blackmailed her family into letting Jared get away with what he did to them. I don’t care if it was Buchanan blood talking or not and I don’t care when she says that blackmail is the language her family understands. That’s a cop out and an excuse for getting what she wants in a nasty way. And I don’t want to hear about Jared being justified in carrying on the charade because Tess put him in jail. He got his revenge for that by buying out Antonio’s majority share of the vineyard, threatening to throw Nash and Jessica out of their home and blackmailing his way into a job at B.E. Jared got his payback a long time ago. Now he has Natalie on his side, he will not pay (legally) for what he did to the Buchanans and he has his long lost father back in his life to boot. I’d say Jared made out pretty well in the wake of Jessica’s tragedy.

Now we’re going to have to deal with Tess again and this really annoys me to no end. Obviously, Jessica can’t handle the tragedy of losing Nash and who could blame her? I can’t even imagine what it would be like to lose a husband and a child’s father and have to bury him while carrying another unborn child. I just wish that instead of dealing with Tess, we could see Jessica mourn in whatever way necessary and then rely on her family for support. But hey, why should we be surprised that Tess is back and primed to torture Natalie and Jared? So much for original thinking on the part of the writers. I give the writers credit for greatly improving the show since the strike, but this is not something I applaud them for. And that scene where Tess opened up Nash’s coffin, leaned over and said, “I’m here baby” was just too creepy.

So, Bo proposes to Lindsay and he got down on one knee not once but twice. One think Bo was right about was when he said he wasn’t thinking any more but he was feeling. That’s for sure. I guess it was fitting that he proposed to Lindsay in the church after the funeral because this marriage will be dead before it starts. And do you really think it will start? I almost think Bo deserves the kick in the butt he’s going to get when he finds out the truth about Lindsay. He has lost his marbles.

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