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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for June 29, 2009



Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for June 29, 2009

Dr. Evans appears in Llanview

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2009
So, Dr. Evans runs into Shawn and Destiny at the country club. Destiny would like to believe that he came at her request to help Matthew, but it is more likely that money did the talking. Rachel is there with her family, too, and like Shawn, she assumes right away that the doctor has only come because of the big fee Clint offered him. Rachel warns the doctor not to scam her family and I guess it will only be a matter of time before we get to know what Dr. Evans’ motives really are and if he is as selfish as Rachel and Shawn think he is.

Dorian sure has gotten herself into a pickle, hasn’t she? She somehow thinks that she can fix everything for Langston and Markko by turning the charm on for Markko’s mother. So she invites her over for tea and she and Langston dress like a couple of women going to tea with the Ladies’ Puritanical Society (is there such a thing?). They do win over Markko’s mother who promised to try get her husband to accept Markko and Langston seeing each other after Langston promised that they would not have sex any more. Yeah, right! But unbeknownst to Dorian, at the same time, Markko’s father is planted at the diner keeping an eye on his son and he overhears all kinds of dirt about Dorian’s past nastiness, not to mention her current antics. He gets an earful from Viki, Charlie, Moe, Shawn and Rachel and when Markko’s mother shows up to convince him that Dorian isn’t so bad, he has lots of ammunition to the contrary. Markko heads over to Dorian’s house supposedly to deliver an order from the diner and although Dorian is sure she can fix things, Markko advises her that his dad now has enough against her to keep him and Langston apart forever. Dorian of course blames Viki for everything (what else is new) and now she wants to invite everyone over to make amends. Any ideas on how that’s going to work out?

There are lots of big doings going on in Llanview. I wonder what kind of summer we’re going to have. I don’t think Stacy is going anywhere fast and Spencer should be on his way back, so the horror show may just be beginning.

See ya next week.



Kitty writes: “Okay The Idiots in Charge put having Stacy bed Rex! Nauseating thought! Please, please, please tell me they are not going to go their usual route and make the girl pregnant, or if NOT pregnant, having her fake one to try and keep her talons in Rex.”

Dear Kitty: Yes, they put Rex and Stacy to bed. Well, not really to bed; it was fitting that the floor of a nightclub was the place she would finally HAVE the love of her life. Of course everyone thinks Stacy will become pregnant or try to fake that she is, but do the writers think we are so stupid that they would let that happen and not have Rex standing over a doctor’s shoulder while that doctor does a pregnancy test? Oh sure, there are always a dozen or so crooked hospital personnel like Kyle around who could fake results, but I’d hate to think we’d be put through something that stupid now that everyone knows what Stacy is capable of. Now, if she really is pregnant, I will just spit!

Thelma writes: “Please DON’T kill off Cole!”

Dear Thelma: I don’t have any information about Cole being written off the show and being killed off. I know there are rumors around, such as the one about Brandon Buddy and Kristen Alderson not getting along, but I don’t know about any of that being true. One thing that is interesting is that if Cole ever did turn up dead, Todd would be a prime suspect as long as Tea has that tape of him threatening to kill Cole if he marries Starr.
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