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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for June 29, 2009



Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for June 29, 2009

Todd Manning

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2009
While Todd is trying to make everyone think he is the good guy all of a sudden, Tea is back at his house where Todd has hired a full staff to take care of her (including Moe and Shawn). My very favorite moment of the whole week was when we found out that in the name of turnabout being fair play, Tea had taped a conversation with Todd where he threatened that he would kill Cole before he’d let Starr marry him. For once I was cheering Tea on. And across town, Blair was being confronted by Todd, Starr and Cole who were waiting for her to give her consent to the marriage when she really didn’t want to do it. Blair may be a lot of things, but she knows Todd better than she knows herself and she knows that she is being set up so that she looks like the bad guy and will refuse consent to the wedding after Todd already gave his okay. And at just the right moment, Tea shows up and plays the incriminating tape for everyone, totally making Todd look like a fool and the creep that he still is and always will be. So, Blair outsmarts Todd and decides to sign the consent form and dares Todd to sign it, too. Todd didn’t expect Blair to do that, but he was pretty stupid to think he could fool her. Will he sign? Starr tells him that if he really loves her and wants her to be happy, he will sign. Will he have any choice?

I think the writers need to take a good look at what they’re doing because they made a major mistake last week. Layla was at home with Cristian lamenting over looking for a job and as she is going through the classified ads in the newspaper, Fish comes home and tells her she should think about working for the police department. Cristian laughs at the thought of Layla becoming a cop but Fish tells them that he doesn’t mean for her to be a cop, but that John is looking for an assistant. Now here’s where the writers messed up. John hadn’t even decided to go back and tell Bo that he’d take his job back if it was still on the table, until Marty went to see him at Rodi’s and asked him to make her and Cole disappear so he wouldn’t have to go to prison. Fish told Layla about John needing an assistant days before John went to get his job back and I was sitting and watching this thinking that they totally screwed up the sequence of events. John didn’t go to see Bo until a couple of shows later. That was just a mess on the part of whoever put those shows together.

I continue to be annoyed with Clint and everything he does. Clint, Nora, Bo and Matthew are at the country club and Clint takes that opportunity to pull out a monster engagement ring and give it to Nora in front of everyone, along with a big smacker of a kiss. Tell me, was that the most intimate moment he could think of to give the woman he loves a ring? I wonder more every time I see Clint whether he loves Nora or whether he just wants to stake his claim to her because he sees her getting closer to his brother again. No, I take that back. I don’t wonder at all because it is obvious that Clint makes these gestures to spite Bo and because of his own insecurities. And Nora acts like a fool going along with him. Then Clint goes and finds Dr. Gregory Evans (Destiny and Shawn’s brother) who is the one doctor out of many they have seen, who says he can help Matthew walk again. Of course we know right away that Dr. Evans is getting a healthy check for coming to Llanview to see Matthew because Clint whips out the check before the doctor can even sit down. Clint is so obvious, but I had to laugh because I’m sure he didn’t expect Nora to give Bo that big hug when he told them about the doctor. I guess Clint at least figured he deserved the hug. Guess not! The bottom line is that if the doctor can help Matthew, that’s all that matters, but Clint, in the end, may not get what he thinks he wants.

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