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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for June 29, 2009



Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for June 29, 2009

Rex and Stacy

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2009
I can’t tell you how angry it makes me that just minutes before Gigi told Rex the whole, sordid truth about what Stacy did to them, Rex had sex with Stacy. I just found the whole thing ridiculous because Rex had been getting advice from everyone in Llanview, most of all from Bo whom he respects more than anyone, telling him to stay away from Stacy and not to trust her. He just had a close call with Stacy when they got caught almost having sex in the pool house at the country club (ewww!) and you’d think that would have made him realize how close he had come to making a big mistake. But no, he has to show up at Ultra Violet and tell Stacy that it’s her that he wants, fall to the floor and fulfill her wildest dream. I don’t even blame Rex for being fed up with Gigi and being so frustrated with her that he tried to write her off, but no matter what happened with Gigi, her nasty sister should have been off limits.

Stacy didn’t seem too embarrassed to be arrested and hauled into the police station in nothing but a robe; she was just angry that she and Rex were interrupted. But Rex sure was mortified to be standing in front of Bo and everyone else in his trunks and nothing else. You’d think that would be enough to wake Rex up, but I guess not. When he blew Stacy off after they were released (especially after Bo let him having it for reverting to the old Rex), I was hoping he would wise up. Stacy headed over to Ultra Violet where she was going to teach a dance class to some little girls. OMG, now there’s a teacher you don’t want near your kids. And of course, Jessica walks in with Bree, not knowing that Stacy was the teacher. Jessica immediately starts reading Stacy the riot act about what she did to Rex and Gigi, but of course, Stacy wasn’t backing down. She threw everything right back in Jessica’s face, telling her that what she did to everyone around her was so horrible that she had no right saying anything to her.

I couldn’t believe what Stacy did with those little girls, telling them how they would only grow up to dance for lewd men and master the stripper pole. I guess her next class will be pretty empty, no? But she got Rex right there on the dance floor, didn’t she? And that’s all she wanted anyway.

And just as Stacy is having her way with Rex, Gigi was forced to tell Natalie and Jared the truth about why she dumped Rex and how she was trying to find out the real stem cell donor in case Shane got sick again. Gigi told them that the only way she would get any information out of Kyle about the real donor was for them to drop the charges against him and after much discussion, Natalie and Jared agreed, on the condition that Gigi finally tell Rex the truth and blow Stacy out of the water. Natalie and Jared do drop the charges against Kyle and just as he thinks he is free as a bird, Natalie and Jared confront him at the police station and tell him that if he doesn’t cough up the identity of the real donor, they will reinstate the charges against him.

I am really shocked at how far Roxy is going to keep the secret about Rex’s father. Even after Natalie and Jared confront her and tell her that they know Stacy is not the donor and they know that she knows what’s going on, she still doesn’t come forward with the information. And now we also know that she has a backup supply of the donor’s blood just in case it is needed, which makes me even more disappointed in her because she should come forward and take the consequences of her actions after all this time. She rationalizes that having the blood makes it okay to keep the secret and protect herself (and I guess Rex), but she is way over the top in her behavior. And I had to laugh because I was wondering what makes her think that keeping a bag of blood in a little mini refrigerator is going to keep it viable. She’d be lucky if that thing could keep milk cold.

So, just as Gigi is finally telling Rex the truth (which he has a hard time believing at first), Stacy is at Rodi’s looking for Gigi so she can brag about how she finally bagged Rex. Wow, this girl is horrible! Stacy realizes from her conversation with Schuyler that something is up and as she realizes from what Schulyer is saying that her number might be up, she heads over to Rodi’s and just as Rex is finally believing what Gigi is telling him and is starting to get nauseous because he has just done the stupidest thing he could do by having sex with Stacy, she walks in wondering what is going on between Rex and Gigi. I’m thrilled to finally be able to watch Stacy get what’s coming to her, but how much will Gigi and Rex’s reunion be tainted by what Rex and Stacy did?

Now let’s move on to Todd, who continues to dig his own grave as he tries to convince everyone he has changed. Bahahahaha! Todd walks in on Cole proposing to Starr and at first he makes jokes about the whole thing. He has the nerve to stand there and joke about what kind of father and husband Cole will make from prison. Most men in prison would be better husbands and fathers than Todd is as a free man.

Anyway, Todd decides to give Starr and Cole his blessing and although they don’t really trust his change of behavior, they are happy about it. But never forget that Todd always has a selfish plan and he decides to give the kids his blessing because he is very sure that Blair won’t go along with the marriage and he will let her be the bad guy. For all of Todd’s shrewdness, he’s pretty stupid because he never stops to think that as sharp as he thinks he is, there are people who know him well enough not to trust anything he does and that includes Blair and Tea.

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