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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for June 23, 2008


Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for June 23, 2008

Jared Banks

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2008

Jamie writes: “Jared lying about being a Buchanan was not a good thing to do. BUT, it is NOT the reason Nash lost his precious vineyard. Nash lost his precious vineyard because he was a LOUSY businessman. No other reason. PERIOD! Even Jessica in her grief knew this. And when Nash realized he was about to lose his precious vineyard, then it was okay to use Buchanan money to save it when every other time it was not? Sorry. I must totally disagree about this. And Natalie and Jared are NOT the reason Jessica lost her home. That is all on Nash.”

Dear Jamie: I have said many times that Nash made very bad decisions when it came to working with his new investors. I placed plenty of blame on him even after he died. However, as I think Viki pointed out so well to Charlie the other day, Jared lying and Charlie keeping the lie going was what started the whole ball rolling. It gave Dorian the opportunity to manipulate everyone and everything and she gladly jumped on that opportunity. Sure, Nash made bad choices, but let’s face it, if all Nash did was get involved with crooked investors and Jared hadn’t made an offer when he knew he was on shaky ground, the worst that would have happened would be that Nash would have lost the vineyard, not his life. Sure, Nash was desperate to hang on to the vineyard and finally accepted Jared’s offer, but Nash’s desire to make it on his own was honorable while Jared lied and cheated his way right to the top. Jared and Natalie’s betrayal, although unintentional, led to that deadly scene on the balcony. Natalie can blame Clint for the way he handled Dorian (hey, I blame him, too), but she thinks Jared should walk away from what he did without even a slap on the wrist. That’s just wrong. Nash paid way to big a price for his dreams. Charlie and Jared deserve a lot of the blame since they started the ball rolling.

Myra writes: “Watching Dorian last week started me thinking. Why hasn’t Robin Strasser ever been nominated for an Emmy? She has been overlooked so many years.”

Dear Myra: Actually, Robin Strasser has been nominated for an Emmy, not once, but four times. I took a look at imdb.com (thanks to my buddy Janice) and found that Robin was nominated in 1981, 1982, 1983 and 1985 and she WON the Emmy in 1982.

Disonba3 writes: “AMEN to your opinion of Natalie and John. Theirs is a mind to mind, heart to heart connection that has nothing to do with sex, although the sex between them is hot! How could no one ever see that? When will TPTB let them finally be together? Marty comes back and though I'm a die hard fan of Susan Haskell, I don't want to see a repeat of the Marty/Patrick story done with John and Marty. She has had her once in a lifetime love, now let Natalie have hers. I saw too much of the old Marty when she first came back with Cole in tow, interfering in what she shouldn't, trying to take what didn't belong to her, Marty is always craving someone's man and not who or what she has. John even told her the ONE night they slept together that he didn't know what was going on between them (shades of Evangeline and "you just can't say you love me"); but the first time he realized in the hospital when he was recovering from the wreck and his burns that Natalie knew who he was, he told her very plainly that yes, I do love you! So, you tell me, what's up? Natalie so deserves to love and be loved by a good guy and John will do nicely, thank you. Jared did nothing but pull her down a road that John would never have considered. So my vote is in for Jovan!”

Dear Disonba3: Although I still would like to see John and Natalie together one day, that day seems pretty far off if it ever happens. I don’t think John would look too kindly on what Natalie did to her family over the love of a guy he thinks is dirt. You’re right, John hasn’t said those three words to anyone else, but after he said them, Natalie made the mistake of mothering him to death when he was recovering from the accident and he couldn’t stand that. John and Natalie never got a fair chance from the writers to work it out in my opinion. Natalie needs someone honorable like John in her life and they need to give her enough self-esteem to appreciate a good man that she doesn’t have to get into trouble over, but hey, who cares what I think? Although I don’t dislike Jared (I dislike what he did), being with him has not helped Natalie to be the new, whole woman I thought she was becoming.
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