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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for June 21, 2010



Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for June 21, 2010

David Vickers, portrayed by actor Tuc Watkins

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2010
I think David went just a bit off his rocker last week. Sure, he comes up with some strange solutions to problems sometimes, but I think he lost his mind just a bit when he got done listening to Matthew’s tale of woe over being dumped by Dani and decided the best thing to do was to hire two hookers to show Matthew a good time and “make him a man.”

I would have loved to see the scene if the next morning Bo and Nora walked in and found David and Matthew with the women instead of Destiny finding them. You have to give Destiny credit; that girls calls ‘em like she sees ‘em. At least more level heads prevailed earlier in the evening when David took the party to Capricorn and Blair took the champagne out of Matthew’s hand and Rex, who recognized the hookers from his club, warned David what Bo would do if he found out. None of that stopped David though. What was he thinking?

It was nice to see Rex and Gigi out on their first real date. We don’t get to see enough of couples who truly care about each other spending quality time together. And Rex, the flowers were a very nice touch.

So, Ford woke up but told John he didn’t know who attacked him. He will change his tune, but why play games? Oh yeah, Ford lives to play games. I guess someone trying to bash in his brains wasn’t enough of a wake-up call for him. John discussed possible suspects and I couldn’t believe Ford’s reaction when John told him Karen the pizza girl didn’t care enough about him to try to kill him. Ford was actually insulted at how little she cared. What an ego! He even made a pass at his nurse who I am sure has already stupidly penciled him in for a date.

We all know at this point that Hannah is responsible for all the mayhem, including attacking Ford and pushing Marty down the stairs. Hannah keeps putting herself in Cole’s way and was even there for his new bail hearing. She didn’t even care who was around when she hugged him and said they should go celebrate. But just about everyone is on to her and she was brazen enough to confront Marty in court and come on like a lunatic, accusing Marty of trying to turn Cole against her. Hannah is coming unglued. John questioned her about the fibers he found in the staircase that were similar to her blue sweater and she wasn’t the least bit intimidated by him. All Hannah could concentrate on was the picture she snapped on her phone of Starr and James in the park. She can’t wait to show it to Cole.

Langston couldn’t stand to see Markko in jail so she confessed to attacking Ford. John didn’t believe her so he put her and Markko in a room together and listens to their conversation which convinces him that Markko is innocent and Markko goes free.

Jessica can’t account for some of the time after she left Ford and she believes she attacked him even though Kelly and her doctor don’t believe she did. She and Kelly go to confront Ford but he decides to play with Jessica also and Kelly wants to hurt him for his flip attitude over what happened when Jess came to his apartment that night.

Starr and Langston finally graduate and Langston is the valedictorian. Wow, she must really be brilliant to achieve that honor with all she had going on in her senior year. She scrapped her speech when she saw Markko there and made a speech about making amends for mistakes made. It was a heartfelt speech but Markko wouldn’t give her an inch. I don’t see him forgiving any time soon or maybe ever.

Now we learn James’ story. Honestly, the fact that he resembles his brother so much annoys me to look at him and his situation just seems lame to me. So, James has a creep for a father who owns a chop shop and taught James how to steal cars years ago. He beat James up when he refused to participate in criminal activity so James went along with his father’s wishes. Supposedly, James stole $50,000 from his father which he claims is his money, but his father has sent Bull after him to retrieve it and now Starr is in the middle of the mess and stuck on the run with James. I can’t stand this storyline and it has only just begun.

Dorian keeps annoying Viki by cozying up to Charlie under the guise of it being all about business and Viki fights back by offering David a job. Dorian hates that which makes Viki like the idea even more. David likes it too. I did have a good laugh when he was ready to discuss his job with Viki and said, “Viki, I’d like to discuss my package with you.” David got Dorian way too mad and she went to throw a drink at him. He stepped out of the way and Viki got the drink all over her. It almost turned into a cat fight, which would have been a riot, but Charlie stepped in. Only Dorian could make Viki react that way.

Nate found the money James hid at the quarry and decided to give it to his mother to save their house from foreclosure. Dani goes along with him and neither of them knows about crazy Bull looking for the money. Nate takes the money to the bank and gets a cashier’s check and we’re supposed to believe that the bank asked no questions because Dani threw Todd’s name around. Yeah, right. Nate tells him mother he got a fake ID and bought a winning lottery ticket and she must really need the money because after a slight hesitation she takes it. This is too stupid.

Todd knows something is wrong with Tea so he goes snooping in Greg’s office and finds her file. Blair stops him, but after a heartfelt plea, she has no choice but to admit what Todd has already figured out, that Tea is very sick. Todd goes to Tea and they hash it all out. He goes with her to her next treatment and it is obvious that Todd loves her, but will he be able to make amends with Dani? And is Tea really going to die?

This website reports that Brandon Buddy who plays Cole has decided not to renew his contract with the show. I am not happy about the summer storyline coming up with Starr and James. And what about Hope who needs her mother and her father? I hope this turns out better than I think it will.

See ya next week.


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