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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for June 10, 2008


Well, this is the end for Rex and Adriana. It wasn’t a very pleasant way for Rex to find out that Charlie is not his dad, standing at the back of the room while Dorian revealed the truth. Once Rex received that note in his folder at the meeting saying that his wife was lying to him, he couldn’t wait to get home and confront Adriana. (Who else but Dorian cold have left Rex that note?) Of course, she had to admit to some truth, so she told him how she was so jealous of Gigi that she arranged to find and bring Brody to Llanview. She conveniently left out the fact she has known for a while that Rex is Shane’s father, but he’s going to find that out and that will be the end. I am so glad that Rex has Bo to lean on. Bo is a real father to him. Rex said it all to his new wife when he said, “Adriana, you’re not the same person anymore. You are your mother.”

I can’t wait for Ramsey’s reign to be over. He has Marty tucked away in that penthouse and now that John, Antonio and Talia know he’s keeping someone there, it is not going to be long before everything is out in the open. Antonio planted a bug in the penthouse and I hope he and John get an earful and soon. Ramsey can’t leave soon enough for me.

And of course we can’t get through a week without some treachery from Todd. So, he was served with a restraining order and like any insane man, he hired a thug to accompany him to Dorian’s house and smashed through the kitchen window to announce his presence so they could “talk about” it. Is there any end to this man’s idiocy?

See ya next week.



Deborah writes: “Tim Gibbs as Kevin Buchanan? Sorry, but I think you mean Dan Gauthier! Dear Deborah: Nooooo ma’am! There were many actors who played Kevin Buchanan, but my favorite was definitely Tim Gibbs. Maybe you don’t remember him, or weren’t watching the show at the time, but he played Kevin back around 1999 for a few years and the reason I am positive is because he played Kevin when Ben was on the show and was very involved with Ben when he came to Llanview, so obviously, there is no way I would get that, or anything else having to do with Ben wrong.

Sue writes: “You have got to be kidding! Todd Manning is the only character that I have any empathy for in this storyline! All of the others, Blair, Starr, Cole, Michael, Marcie, John, Langston and Markko leave me cold! I couldn’t care less about any of them. In fact, I would love to see Todd wash his hands of the Cramers altogether! As for Jack, he is collateral damage for being part Cramer.”

Dear Sue: Okey Dokey. Since I totally believe that this being America, you are entitled to your opinion and I welcome it, but thankfully that gives me the right to wonder this: ARE YOU FOR REAL? I can’t imagine that innocent, decent people in Llanview leave you cold and Todd warms your heart. That’s pretty scary to me. I sincerely hope that you sent in this e-mail to give us all a laugh because if you’re serious, OMG! And honestly, I can’t believe anyone would have so little compassion as to call a child like Jack collateral damage as if he were just some little side issue. Why does Todd deserve any of his kids? He is the “father” that gave his infant son away at birth like a piece of garbage he didn’t want? As far as cheering on the Cramers, I vote for anyone in Llanview other than Todd to raise Sam. Sam doesn’t need a dad who gets angry enough to throw his daughter down a flight of stairs and beat up innocent teenagers, not to mention a man who calls his wife a slut in public.

Froggie writes: “I can’t believe Forbes March (Nash) has really been let go. He's by far the most exciting and compelling person to come to this show in years. It's a big mistake to lose him. ALL age groups love and identify with him. I've watched this show since Viki was married to her first husband and aside from a few of the mainstays, Forbes can hold his own with the very best of them!”

Dear Froggie: I couldn’t agree with you more about the dismissal of Forbes March. I have always really liked the character of Nash and I have been very upset for months that they have ruined his character. First, they put him on the back burner and gave him a few lines here and there and then they hooked him up with some ridiculous investors that made him look like an absolute fool. Nash has always been a smart businessman regarding the vineyard and making him so irresponsible was out of character. It shouldn’t have been written that way. I’m very sorry to see him go and I don’t see why TPTB had to make it worse by having Jessica become pregnant and have to deal with a pregnancy on top of her grief.

Jamie writes: “I think Viki is being a tad holier than thou where Charlie is concerned. Yes he lied to her, but the lie had nothing to do with her. I wonder how she is going to treat Gigi when she finds out that she has been lying to Rex too.”

Dear Jamie: I can’t agree with you about Viki. I think she has every right to be angry with Charlie. As for Charlie’s lies having nothing to do with Viki, I couldn’t disagree more. He went along with Jared’s lie which hurt Natalie very badly when she found out that he was indeed NOT her uncle and chose business over her and Jared’s lie caused that fight at the B.E. meeting that led to Nash’s death. Nothing is more important to Viki than her children and hurting them is something she won’t easily forgive. The fact that Charlie has personally humiliated her will pale in comparison to what her children will be going through because of the lies and the cover-up. Although Viki cares very much for Gigi, she is not Viki’s child so her secret does not directly affect Viki. I think Viki already figures that Shane is Rex’s son and is waiting for Gigi to tell her the truth in her own time.

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