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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for June 7, 2010



Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for June 7, 2010

Nora Buchanan before her wedding to Bo

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2010
Finally, something to laugh about and some good lighthearted fun. I haven’t even seen the actual wedding yet but I have been thoroughly enjoying all the crazy antics of Bo and Nora’s nuptials. You have to wonder what else could have gone wrong. First of all, I was very happy that Nora asked Viki to be her matron of honor since Rachel was unable to be in town. At least we get to watch Viki involved in something that’s fun rather than all the messes her family gets into all the time.

So, of course there is a major storm coming which turns out to be the smallest problem. Nora starts out her wedding day blissfully at home with Bo and Matthew, who brings her breakfast. Nora proceeds to break her tooth on her bagel and then as if she wasn’t upset enough, she grabs her wedding dress and trips on the floor hurting her ankle. Then she sprays the wrong thing in her eye (instead of contact lens solution) and she winds up leaving the house to get ready for her wedding, arriving at Roxy’s with no tooth, an eye patch and crutches.

Roxy is going to do everyone up for the wedding and this is what always gets me. Roxy’s hair always looks like it went through a food processor and she always has a drink in her hand and several in her body and everyone trust her to make them look great. Well, as one might expect, Roxy gets her chemicals mixed up and turns Nora’s hair green. Oh, and did I mention that a curling iron left on sets Nora’s wedding dress on fire? This sets everyone into a frenzy until Viki organizes the troops and unbelievably enough, Roxy is able to fix Nora’s hair; Jessica finds a dental student (OMG) who fixes Nora’s tooth and Viki and Gigi miraculously find the dress Nora wore the first time she married Bo. They also found the tux Bo wore the first time which came in very handy later. By the time the circus was over, Nora was all fixed up, she could even walk without the crutches, her eye was fine and the sun came out.

Meanwhile, back at the church, Bo is met with the horrible realization that a skunk has been hanging out in the church and the place reeks. Oh and the smell from the skunk has caused the wedding singer to lose her voice. Bo only knows that the wedding he promised Nora has to be perfect so he mobilizes his troops and sends John to find a singer, Brody to find flowers and Matthew to buy up every can of air freshener in town. John gets Blair to come and sing but she’s not too happy because she wasn’t invited to the wedding after the scene she and Dorian made at Nora and Clint’s wedding last year. Brody gets a ton of flowers and Matthew sprays the heck out of the church which works well except that poor Bo has been sprayed by the skunk and he reeks along with his tux. I died laughing when Rex came back with the only tux he could find for Bo and it was a tux that even a crazy teenager back in the 60’s might turn his back on. Thank goodness Viki and Gigi found his old tux.

So, all seems to be getting fixed when Bo gets sprayed by the skunk directly and Rex has tossed him in a tub full of tomato sauce to de-skunkify him. Those were the funniest scenes with Bo taking a good soak and giving Rex advice about getting back together with Gigi, while one by one the guys return to find Bo taking a marinara bath. Of course David has to show up and make his usual cracks when he finds Bo in the tub, but it was all great humor and I think I liked it best because we got to see the show centered on old characters that have been too long neglected by the writers. Now all they need is Reverend Andrew who was supposed to be picked up by Rex at the airport, but Rex was too busy de-skunkifying Bo. David advises them that Andrew’s plan was probably diverted somewhere else because of the storm, but David says he will perform the ceremony. OH BOY!

Back in insane Llanview, Todd is still holding Hannah thinking she’ll admit that she pushed Marty down those stairs and prove he is innocent. She won’t admit to anything but now Todd also knows that she was involved with Ford and he wonders if she had anything to do with him being attacked. Todd lets her go, but gets his goons to tail her everywhere she goes.

No one can keep Markko from being arrested and the police even have a woman who claims she was looking out her window and saw him throw his sneakers in the trash. So he and Cole are stewing in jail cells. Cole continues to argue with Starr about Hannah and Langston is devastated that Markko was arrested for attacking Ford. John isn’t really sure about Markko’s guilt so we’ll see what happens with that.

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