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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for June 2, 2008

REFLECTIONS BY JILL for June 2, 2008


Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for June 2, 2008

Todd Manning

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2008
Okay, for all of you out there like me, who have been asking for months now when Todd was going to have to pay for what he has done to his family, as well as for manhandling and beating up Cole, Markko and Langston, FINALLY, the time has come. Isn’t it amazing that every time Todd gets into big trouble he thinks he can talk or buy his way out of it? Not this time. I am not delusional enough to believe that he will stay down for long, but while he’s down, I can revel in it.

Even at the hospital when Todd had just come close to killing his toddler son in that car accident, he didn’t think it was that serious until Marcie told him she was calling John and involving the police. Only then did Todd get worried and in true “Todd fashion”, called one of his little gophers at 'The Sun' to run out, buy a car seat and quickly install it in the back of his car. Could he be any more ridiculous? Even when John and the police showed up and Marcie told him that Sam was in the front seat and there was no car seat in the car, Todd insisted that there was. Did he think the cops at the scene of the accident would miss that tiny detail?

Todd’s ego never diminishes and that was evident when after all he has done to his family, he had the confidence to call Blair and tell her that if she ever loved him she’d help him out. I applauded when Blair assured herself that Sam was all right and then hung up on Todd. I finally felt that justice was being done when the social worker from Child Protective Services took Sam away from Todd. He never believes there will be consequences for his actions.

Todd’s last hope of getting anyone on his side was Viki. I figured he’d run to her and do what he usually does which is make light of what he did and not admit how bad it was. I was counting on Viki to see through him and finally turn him away and she did it! And for everyone who feels sorry for Todd because of his horrible past, I wonder if it made any of those fans feel insulted when he said to Viki, “I need you to help me with Blair. Just call her up and give her some of that ‘Todd is the way he is because of his horrible childhood’ stuff.” That line alone made me feel totally guiltless in never feeling sorry for Todd. And Viki, who has enough of her own troubles these days, told him in no uncertain terms that he is on his own and she won’t help. She was wise to tell him that both she and Blair always gave him a break in the past because they believed there was some decency deep inside him, but now she realizes that he is as bad on the inside as he is on the outside. IT’S ABOUT TIME! Of course, in true Todd fashion, his response to Viki was, “You go to hell.”

I was so glad that in court everyone finally got to tell the judge all the horrible and violent things Todd has done to all of them. He was not a good father to Starr and Jack, he is not fit to raise Sam and now everyone has the proof. Marcie shut him up when he smugly told her that she would never get Sam and she said, “I know that, Todd, but I’m going to make sure you don’t either.”

Todd’s behavior during the whole court hearing was abominable. Even when he is at risk of losing everything that he has left, he can’t shut up and control his temper. I thought he was simply delusional when he sat on the stand and told the judge how he witnessed his daughter being “raped” and that if he’s guilty of anything, it’s of caring too much. OMG! I think Blair’s testimony hit the hardest but every word she said was true. She told the judge that their problems had always stemmed from Todd’s rage and that she had tried to get him to get therapy many times and he refused. I think her comment about the final straw being Todd turning his rage on his children (Starr) was what sealed the judge’s decision.

Although I don’t feel too comfortable about Starr, Jack or little Sam growing up in Dorian’s house, I was glad that Blair stepped forward and told the judge that she would take Sam in and love him like her own and that she doesn’t want him to go through the foster care system like she did. Hey, the judge doesn’t know that crazy Dorian is holding a drugged man hostage in her bedroom so it was a perfect way for him to see that Sam went to people whom he knows and who love him and let’s face it, in the parenting department, Blair leaves Todd in the dust, even with her faults. You could just tell how furious Todd was even before the judge gave Sam to Blair. Marcie didn’t get her wish to have her Tommy back, but Todd was seething when he said to himself, “The sooner I know what’s going on with my kid, the sooner I’ll know who to kill.” Oh, that was nice, wasn’t it? In true, disgusting Todd fashion, he went to Blair and told the judge out loud, “Judge, this slut is not fit to parent a stuffed animal.” What a pig!

Okay, let’s move on. Old Charlie is sure in a mess, isn’t he? He never got to tell Rex that he is not his father because he and Rex ran to the hospital when Adriana was in the car accident. Charlie sure doesn’t have enough experience with evil women because he didn’t have a chance against Dorian when he confronted her and said he would be revealing his secret and there was nothing she could do about it. HAH! Dorian couldn’t accept that because she needs to keep Jared’s secret quiet until using it will benefit her most and that will be at the B.E. Board Meeting. She will reveal Jared’s secret and the domino effect on others will be terrible. And hey, I know Dorian has a sinister streak a mile long, but does she keep that staff of thugs on her personal payroll so that they are at her disposal when she wants them to, for instance, haul an unconscious man into her house and lock him up in her bedroom? She didn’t even know what was in that syringe she shot Charlie with.

Sure, she’s a doctor (thank goodness she’s not practicing) but she could have injected him with anything. And isn’t it convenient for her that now that she knows Langston isn’t pregnant, she has once again chosen to forget about her responsibilities at home and concentrate on her real first priority, which is screwing the Buchanans and leaving them devastated in her wake?

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