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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for May 12, 2008

REFLECTIONS BY JILL for May 12, 2008


Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for May 12, 2008

Rex and Gigi

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2008
Rex definitely has unresolved feelings for Gigi and that is very obvious to just about everyone around them. Rex hasn’t been discreet about his feelings and it has prompted Gigi’s feelings to come out even more and make her think that maybe she and Rex could have a chance. Obviously, it would be very hurtful for Adriana to face the truth, but if she were behaving rationally and not like her mother, she would face the fact that she and Rex have to be honest about what’s going on and resolve the matter before they walk down the aisle. Adriana’s way of dealing with this situation is going to hurt no one but her and in a permanent way. Layla seems to finally be getting sick of Adriana’s scheming but warning Adriana that she will lose Rex if she keeps going on this way fell on deaf ears.

Rex really ought to take Bo’s advice and examine his true feelings. He almost told Gigi how he really feels, but he still can’t let himself believe that he loves Gigi and that maybe he should not get married. Getting drunk sure didn’t help Rex get any perspective on things and showing up at Adriana’s bachelorette party and doing that drunken striptease didn’t help. It’s a good thing he was interrupted by Snoop Dogg and the women lost interest in his impending nakedness. I thought it was a real hoot that Bo knew Snoop. I guess years ago Bo helped him get into show business, in Soapland, of course.

Okay, Natalie and Jared finally give in to their feelings and make love. Hey, let’s just add another layer of deception to the mix. Why not? It was bound to happen since these two can’t keep their hands off each other and have admitted they are in love, but now they have to deal with the revelation of Jared’s latest secret, that Charlie is really his father and not Rex’s. So now Natalie has made the decision to keep the truth from Viki because she knows that her mother loves Charlie and that it will break her heart to know that he has deceived her all this time. WRONG! Wouldn’t it be fun for once to see someone find out a big secret and just tell the truth? Viki won’t be happy about Charlie deceiving her to say the least and she won’t be happy about Natalie lying to her either. Let’s get all this out in the open already. PLEASE! Natalie hasn’t even taken into account yet what finding out the truth will do to Rex. He has longed for a father for so long and finding out he was deceived by Roxy and Charlie will hurt him badly.

I was so glad that when Viki found out that Natalie was in Texas, she asked her to visit the Bon Jour Diner and say hi to Mo and Noelle so finally, we got to see these two adorable characters again. I would love to see them back in Llanview, even if we only got to see them fighting over who makes the best pie. And we got a big bonus when we found our beloved David Vickers working at the diner as a busboy. I died laughing when I saw David pushing that cart full of dirty dishes, wearing a hair net on his head and a Texas bandana around his neck. Could his rubber gloves have been any longer? I was surprised he wasn’t wearing a HAZMAT suit. And how funny was it that he wound up in Paris, Texas? Of course he had to be in some kind of trouble and sure enough, after stealing a motorcycle, having the bikers come after him and beat him up, he is now working off the damage done to Moe’s diner. Now he has found out about Natalie and Jared and I guess the sparks will fly. It was pretty convenient for him to overhear Noelle telling Moe Natalie was there and it was very stupid for Natalie and Jared to sit there kissing.

And for all of you that wrote to me last week, figuring out that everything was a set up to get Ramsey and that everything was a sham between Antonio and Talia, including Jamie’s illness, congratulations! Honestly, I never believed that John and Talia were a romantic couple. I just didn’t know how far the deception went, and some of it is still up in the air. Some people are speculating that Nora and the Feds are in on the deal, too. I hope that’s true. We’ll see. Anyway, Talia and Antonio got to have a nice little reunion and it appears that so far Ramsey has been fooled, but for how long? Now that Antonio and Talia are trying to find ways to be together and someone picked up that note that Antonio slipped to Talia when she dropped it, how long will it be before Ramsey is on to them? It is probably that pain in the butt, Eddie, who picked up the note. Or was dropping the note part of the plan? Everyone better watch their backs. It didn’t take much for Bo to figure out that John and Talia are not a real couple and that they are all trying to bring Ramsey. Ramsey has some tricks up his sleeve and this should get more and more interesting as time goes on, like when it is revealed whom he is hiding in that penthouse. I’m even more interested in when we can say goodbye to Ramsey but that’s not coming any time soon. Too bad!

I think there are going to be lots of explosions in Llanview coming up. I can’t wait and I hope that the summer brings some good storylines and not more of what we had last summer, like watching Marcie being chased all over the country.

See ya next week.


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