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Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for May 12, 2008

REFLECTIONS BY JILL for May 12, 2008


Reflections by Jill - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for May 12, 2008

Blair Cramer Manning

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2008
Lots of stuff is going on for May Sweeps on 'One Life to Live.' I will take temporary delight in the fact that Blair says she has finally had enough of Todd. I say I am taking temporary delight in this turn of events because I have no faith that it will last for very long; it never does. However, for as long as Blair’s fury at Todd lasts, I will thoroughly enjoy it. I would love to see Blair’s reaction if she ever found out how Todd got in touch with Starr and what he did to her friends to get that number.

I think Blair said it all when she told Todd that she was sick of him and that he beats everyone to death with his ego. Nothing could be truer than that. She was right on the mark when she chastised him, informing him that he didn’t have the right to lock Starr up and threaten her and her friends and that he should grow up because his pity party is over. She also reminded him that they were both “mean as sin” when they met but once they had their two beautiful children she toned it down and thought he had done the same when he got Sam back, but obviously, that is not the case. Go Blair! I wish she would have reach this level of anger months ago. She let everything go on for way too long. Todd had the nerve to say that everything was better because he apologized to Starr, so her running away was not his fault. Blair will never win with Todd because he is delusional and can never take responsibility for the damage he does to people.

I didn’t think for a minute that Todd would honor his promise to Starr to let he see Cole if she came home when he spoke to her on the phone and sounded like the poor, pitiful, remorseful dad. And if he found out she was pregnant, all bets would be off anyway and Starr knows that for a fact. Maybe Starr should know that in his usual furious state, Todd bullied his way into the diner’s kitchen, searched Markko’s bag and found the cell phone he used to get in touch with Cole and Starr. Oh, and let’s not forget that Todd hung Markko up on a meat hook and threatened him and Langston with a knife to get information out of them. That was so totally disgusting and I wish Carlotta had walked in on them, especially while Todd was trashing her kitchen. I think that if Langston didn’t know how much Starr loves her father, she would turn him in at this point for his abusive behavior. She now knows that Dorian would throw Todd out on his butt if she knew how awful he has really been.

Thank goodness Blair had the good sense to call John to help find Starr and Cole and decided not to tell Todd what they were up to. Now Blair, Todd and John wind up in Virginia Beach. Who will find Starr and Cole first? My money is on Todd. Starr is supposedly going to lose her baby in some kind of accident and I would not be at all surprised if it was caused by Todd chasing them down. Wouldn’t that be something for him to have to live with?

So, Dorian finally decides to come home and remembers she has a foster daughter to take care of and she finds Starr’s pregnancy book in Langston’s bag. I don’t know how bright it was of Markko to say that Langston was pregnant. I thought Dorian was going to pitch him right out the window. I laughed when Dorian said that she was going to cut Markko’s tongue out and then head further south and Langston told her she sounded just like Todd. Boy, that’s an insult that no one would appreciate, even though it is true. LOL! I laughed even more when Dorian told Langston that Cramer women didn’t behave this way and Langston told her that in the six months she’s been living at the house, she’s seen Cramer women get into plenty of trouble. Touché Langston! On a more serious note, it was about time that Langston got the chance to tell Dorian how she feels about being abandoned by her and that she has never been there when she needed her. Dorian finally had to admit (too little too late?) that she wasn’t there for Starr or Langston and that she let Todd go on living in her house when she shouldn’t have. She told Langston that she most regretted that she wasn’t there for her and that now she would be there so that Langston could count on her. Yes, Dorian, until the next time you get a chance to mess with Clint or Viki. Dorian had the nerve to blame Adriana for her behavior when she told Adriana that she was not at home taking care of Langston because she was out chasing down Brody. Oh, Dorian, you sure do know how to spin a situation, don’t you? I guess it’s convenient for her to forget that all of her time was taken up trying to take over B.E. way before the Brody situation even came about.

Now Dorian hauls Langston to the doctor for an abortion. I was surprised that Langston got all the way onto the table in the gown before she finally had to admit she wasn’t pregnant. It doesn’t take much for Dorian to figure out that it is Starr who is pregnant.

Oh, can we get away without talking about Adriana? This girl is over the edge. I wonder if Dorian was so evil at such a young age or if she was still in training. Obviously, Adriana was not able to get Brody to do her bidding so easily and what a surprise she got when Brody told her that he was not Shane’s father, that Rex is and that Gigi was pregnant when he met her. So, what else is a girl to do? Yep, she bribes the guy with a big fat check. Talk about a Dorian move! It’s amazing that Adriana is so insecure, but it is not so much that she’s insecure about the fact that there is a child out there that belongs to Rex. She could make Rex’s child a part of their lives with no problem, but the fact is that she is terrified of losing Rex to Gigi. Adriana isn’t wrong.

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